The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2018

By Lia Leendertz

A guide to help you reconnect with the seasons, through gardening, eating seasonally, moon gazing, foraging, celebrating feast days and picking bunches of seasonal flowers

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Thank yous, almanacs, amazon and allotments

Well most of you by now have received your almanacs (other rewards very much on their way!), and I want to thank you for the wonderful responses. It was such a joy to write, and to find that it has hit the spot with so many of you is a great feeling. You made this book possible, and I am glad we have created something you love. Many of you have been very vocal about how happy you are with it, and the reason Unbound calls you ‘supporters’ has never been clearer. Crowdfunding, for all its pains and embarrassments, brings with it the hidden benefit of a great bunch of cheerleaders ready to help the book out into the big wide world. I value it very much.

Many of you have asked me if The Almanac will now come out every year, and the answer is...maybe. I have tons of ideas for the next one and am raring to go, and we designed the Almanac with continuity in mind: I picture the next five years’ spines all lined up on a shelf. But like any other book it has to prove itself in the market first, so if it sells a lot there will be another and if it doesn’t there won’t.

And so I am calling on you lovely supporters to - yes - support me again, in a couple of different ways. You can now leave reviews on Amazon here (even though you didn’t buy the book from them), and I would be hugely grateful if you would. For all Amazon’s *issues*, Amazon reviews play an outsized part in bumping books up and helping them get the audience they deserve, and by leaving a review you can really help the almanac to fly.

Even though The Almanac is available now, we are having our big launch (for highly scientific reasons, do not worry your pretty little heads etc...) on the 19th October. All of that week we will be running a competition in which you can win a signed copy of one of artist Cath Read’s beautiful allotment prints. Hold fire until then, but during that week you can enter the competition (and help me out) by taking a picture of The Almanac or of a page that you particularly like, and posting it on social media with hashtag #thealmanac. On the 19th we will randomly pick one to win the prize. This is not a photography competition, but hey, make it beautiful if you like, such as the one above posted by my Uncle John and looking tip top seasonal. This will really help us to spread the word and get people buying. I will send out a post reminding you at the beginning of that week, and cross my fingers that a few of you join in!

Finally if you have any platform on which you can spread the word about the almanac, I would love to chat with you about how we can do so. We have copies for giveaways and lots of ideas, so do make contact. Thanks again for your wonderful support so far. I’ve been really touched.

Lia x

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Lynne Dark
 Lynne Dark says:

Thank you Lia for the marvellous 2018 Almanac. It was lovely to be in at its conception and see the result at its birth! I just love it and keep reminding myself that this is not to use literally this autumn....!
I love the format, pictures, recipes and all the information and wisdom contained within...I do hope this will be an annual publication.

posted 5th October 2017

Lia Leendertz
 Lia Leendertz says:

Thanks so much Lynne! And for your involvement and support, it really feels wonderful. Fingers crossed it becomes annual (and thank you for your wonderful amazon review too - ace) x

posted 5th October 2017

Justine Dawson
 Justine Dawson says:

Hi there,
I've not received my copy yet, hope I've not been missed! Looking forward eagerly.

posted 5th October 2017

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