The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2018

By Lia Leendertz

A guide to help you reconnect with the seasons, through gardening, eating seasonally, moon gazing, foraging, celebrating feast days and picking bunches of seasonal flowers

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Cover reveal! And last chance saloon...

It is my great pleasure to present to you...the cover for the Almanac 2018! Its innards - tables of moon phases, sun rise and set times, the sky at night each month, seasonal celebratory recipes, monthly folklore, planting by the moon and more - are still being tweaked and finessed into final shape by proof reader, designer and illustrator, but this will be the cover, gloriously illustrated by the wonderful Emma Dibben, who is providing illustrations throughout. My kids are BIG fans of the sheep, while it's the blood moon for me (which we will see in July 2018, almanac lovers...).

This is also the moment for me to give a final shove to any remaining wanna-be supporters: we close the supporters' list at midnight on Sunday coming, the 21st May. If you would still like to get your hands on a special first edition and earn your name in the back as a supporter plus my undying gratitude, this is your very last chance.

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Darren Butler
 Darren Butler says:

That looks wonderful, Lia! Congratulations! I can't wait to see the book in the flesh, and to see my wife's name in the back of the book. She's going to absolutely love this present!

posted 18th May 2017

Sally Nex
 Sally Nex says:

This looks so beautiful Lia - you must be chuffed to bits. I also love the sheep (of course) but that crab is rather handsome too. And the pumpkins. Oh... I like it all, actually :D Can't wait to see it! x

posted 18th May 2017

Lynne Dark
 Lynne Dark says:

I just love the cover Lia......all of it, but I must say I'm with you on the always has a great fascination for me and in fact, with all things astral. I have now successfully passed on the enthusiasm to my wee grandsons, thankfully!! x

posted 18th May 2017

Gwen Potter
 Gwen Potter says:

Love the moon and the worm, what more could you want than to be looking up at the sky and then down beneath your feet? Can't wait! x

posted 18th May 2017

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