The Allotmenteers: Portraits of a Growing Community

By Catherine Mack

An intimate collection of stories and growing tips from members of the allotmenteer community.

Thursday, 13 January 2022

My allotmenteer, Cheryl, is all smiles, and so will I be if I get to 25% funded by the end of Jan!

I had the honour of meeting with Cheryl, in Newcastle upon Tyne to chat about her allotment. Read a quick snippet of her story:

Cheryl was aptly named, given that its origins go back to the French for beloved or dear. You could almost imagine ‘ma cherie amour’ being played across this flower-filled, fecund allotment, with abundant signs of being well loved.....Caring for people or places in need of remedial support comes naturally to Cheryl, as she has been working in social care for over twenty years, eighteen of which was offering her smiles and support to people in care homes. “Working with people at the end of life is physically and mentally draining although I loved it."

Photo: Madeleine Waller 

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Catherine Mack
 Catherine Mack says:

Photo credit: Madeleine Waller

posted 18th November 2021

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