The Alchemy: A guide to gentle productivity in your writing

By Anna Vaught

An intimate writing guide that is for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their craft.

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Something to read and hello new supporters!

Here is a just-published piece to read. 

Have a look and tell me what you think!

And here is a littlle film from Instagram:

We are also adding some new rewards today and, last night, began to put some other rather exciting plans in place. I am utterly determined to get this book into the world. 

Hope you are all doing well!

Anna x

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Sebastiaan Eldritch-Böersen
 Sebastiaan Eldritch-Böersen says:

Hallo Anna.
I look forwards already to enjoying and learning from this book, so hope you can get the funding it needs.

One thing for here though, the Instagram link does not work for me. Maybe, I am doing something wrong?

Also, I am now following you on Instagram. Look out for the bowler hat!

Wishing you a restful day.

posted 19th April 2022

Sebastiaan Eldritch-Böersen
 Sebastiaan Eldritch-Böersen says:

Ooops. The error was indeed my own. I am now able to see the Instagram link.

I will share where I can.

posted 19th April 2022

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