The Alchemy: A guide to gentle productivity in your writing

By Anna Vaught

An intimate writing guide that is for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their craft.

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

For this week

Hello all,

So spead the word about The Alchemy, if you can?

Some things this week. 

I have been talking to the small and rather successful company which makes the YUYU water bottle, because I use this beauty to manage pain. The YUYU is, in fact, a very long water bottle with a strap so you can tie it to your body and use it cold and hot. I have written a piece for the website about pain, chronic illness, being a carer and writing. That will up later this week. In the meantime their blog, Pain Warriors, is an invigorating and comforting read. Here is one I like very much and it's connected with an excellent podcast.

Every Wednesday, on twitter where I am between 7 and 8 I have a new weekly event. I already do an occasional #askbookworm session, but this one will be regular and it is all about mental health, wellbeing and writing - and by writing, I mean the experience and the process, as well as how one might navigate the industry,

Do come? I will lead and there will be questions, thoughts and hopefully some good discussion. You can access it by replying to me on my twitter handle, ot simply use that hashtag - #askbookworm, If you do tweet, use the hashtag each time so everyone else can see you. 

That's it for now. Working on the second edit for my memoir, These Envoys of Beauty, which is out next spring.

Thank you all SO MUCH for taking an interest in The Alchemy and being part of it. Things seem slow with pledges right now, so do tell others?

Much love, and here's me again. Put a face to the book! xxx


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