The Alchemy: A guide to gentle productivity in your writing

By Anna Vaught

An intimate writing guide that is for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their craft.

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Extraordinary You - from The Alchemy

From the introduction to The Alchemy. Here is something which is at the heart of the book. I had to learn this myself, you see, to be able to discuss it with others. My background had left me with little confidence - what you saw was bluster - and I needed to build some of that. Writing has helped me build. Not only books and other shorter pieces, but ME.

'Think also about you: reflect on your assets, your reading, life experience, the way you see the world, your dialect, accent, phrases specific to you: all that richness and beauty that you are. Think about where you have been - yes, even if it was in your imagination - your sufferings and joys, and know that with all the stories and the myriad experiences you have, you are extraordinary.'



PS: why the picture? Ah, this is connected with the book, too. It was not until about five years ago that I could comfortably look at a picture of myself. That was owing to my past, too. I had to push through this. It's not about appearance, but about acceptance and getting better. Also, seeing what is in front of you for what it is, not loaded down with a kind of...painful nostalgia. All part of a process and all part of starting to write - and the beginning of what I learned.  ALL of which led to The Alchemy.

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