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Thursday, 21 April 2022

A writing retreat coming your way

About time we had an update I thought and this one is a little different, because I wanted to show you what else I am up to (and also note that it is VERY LOVELY to go to my supporters' page and see that independent presses, my literary agent, writers and readers of my previous books have been pledging). Oh, you are now part of The Alchemy, its process, inspiration and story, so I would like to share other things with you about my writing (which, incidentally, is not actually my day job as yet).

So first, here is the recently revealed cover of my next book, my fifth and second book of stories: Ravished. If you were to have a look,anna-vaught-9781914114106?term=ravished+anna  you'll see the pre-orders are up. These are creepy, gothic, weird, mordant and hopefully funny too.  

This book is out on 29th September.

Then, this week, I handed in a tidy second draft of my memoir to the same publisher (they are rather lovely, by the way and I recommend you read their books and consider querying if that's your bag). My memoir is called These Envoys of Beauty and it's out in spring, 2023

This is a slightly unusual book in that it's memoir expressed across twelve essays connected by theme and context. It is essentially a frank account of extended and complex trauma and the many years of ill health that have followed because of that. However, it is also about joy and imagination because I show you how I managed through a deep and abiding (and nerdy!) attachment to and involvement in the natural world. It's not about a cure. I think that we are too quick to want to see a triumph or a cure for those who are disabled or chronically unwell, but that is a lazy old trope. No; I am not cured - but I have and have had the best company. You'll see!

In other book news, I have a novel on agency submission at the moment. It's magical realism and is called The Zebra and Lord Jones. I am hoping we can pull all this together soon, but things are slow out there. I think we have all been overwhelmed by circumstance - by life. It's important to recognise. News here as soon as I have it, though.

What are you doing on the 22nd of May? Although I am still confirming a few things, in lovely West Wiltshire I will be teaching a full day writing retreat and it'd be great if you came. I am also going to be doing an online retreat in mid June (TBC) for access and to accommodate writers from around the world. These are about writing fiction - novels, novellas and short story collections. Watch this space.

Thank you again for your suppport of and interest in The Alchemy and I have enjoyed sharing a bit more of what I do with you. I have nearly finished the full text of The Alchemy and it is my profound hope that we get it out into the world!

Anna xxx                     

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Maureen Ross
 Maureen Ross says:

Hi Anna

Who is ‘the same publisher’? I’m up for the online writing retreat if timing works for me.

Maureen Ross

posted 22nd April 2022

anna vaught
 anna vaught says:

It's Reflex - on book and in picture. Memoir is a departure for them so it feels exciting all round. Thank you for asking. Online writing retreat - TBC. xx

posted 22nd April 2022

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