Ten Little Astronauts

By Damon L.Wakes

An Agatha Christie-inspired murder mystery novella set on board an interstellar spacecraft

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Ten Little Astronauts in the Eastleigh Times

Not so long ago I was interviewed by Lev Lourie of the Southern Daily Echo, and her article has just appeared in the Eastleigh Times today! If you live locally (and hear about this in time) you can get hold of a copy of your very own.

The interview took place at Fair Oak Library, which was neat because that was the first place I set up for an event after Ten Little Astronauts was first launched by Unbound. It's come a long way since then! This is also the first time I've had a piece about me in the paper, so I feel as though it's something of a personal milestone too.

Lev's done a great job of covering the principle behind Unbound - which probably won't be as familiar to people coming across the book through the paper as it will to people I meet myself at literary events - so if you fancy sharing this around at all, I think it's a really good introduction to the whole thing.

This also seems like a handy time to mention that if you're anywhere near Brixton, I'll be reading at the Brixton Book Jam on Monday the 4th of December. Quite a few other authors will be there, and admission is free, so do drop in if you're around!

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