Ten Little Astronauts has 100 Supporters

Monday, 5 December 2016

Ten Little Astronauts has reached 100 supporters and, as promised, I'll be sending a signed copy of my 2016 Flash Fiction Collection, Robocopout, to one of them.

Using the age-old method of names in hats, and recorded for posterity in the hastily-recorded video above, I have determined that Jo Bellamy is the winner! I'll be in touch to sort out how to get your book to you, so if you're reading this now, please leave a comment below.

I feel as though a random number generator based on atmospheric noise might have been slightly more in keeping with the sci-fi subject matter of Ten Little Astronauts, but I thought a video involving names in a hat would offer a nice opportunity to say thanks to everybody who's got the book this far. Also I just like hats.

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