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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Christmas is coming, and since putting in a pledge for a crowdfunded project is a nifty gift option, I thought I'd put together a card for anybody who's planning to back Ten Little Astronauts for a friend or relative. A gift like this is great because whoever you give it to knows that they're playing a part in bringing a book to life as well as simply getting one to read, but it's still nice to get something on the day. That's where the card comes in.

This design features the Flame Nebula, and the photo was taken by Stephen Craig, who's not only been kind enough to support my book, but to let me use his astronomical images to promote it. You can find the printable card image in my Dropbox here. The example above was printed A5-size on glossy photo paper at the highest quality I could manage. Unfolded, it looks like this:

I've also included an interior file with a "Merry Christmas!" message (as well as a non-Christmas version for birthdays or other occasions). If you print that on the reverse of the card before you cut and fold it, you should end up with the message appropriately placed on the inside of the card (provided you used exactly the same settings to print both images). Simply finish it off by adding the name of the person you're gifting a pledge to, and signing at the bottom. However, you could just as easily leave the interior blank and write your own message. I'm sure it would be appreciated!

If you have any trouble printing one of these, feel free to leave a comment below. I'll do my best to help you out.

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