Ten Little Astronauts

By Damon L.Wakes

An Agatha Christie-inspired murder mystery novella set on board an interstellar spacecraft

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Ten Little Astronauts Coming December 13th

Good news! Ten Little Astronauts now has a firm publication date, and it's December 13th!

The book is all but ready to print at this point, with only the smallest details left to take care of: the blurb, the front and end matter, and other literary bric-a-brac. Even then it's mostly a matter of checking things over rather than writing from scratch. I've seen a mock-up of the cover (which looks spectacular) and I hope to be able to share the final version with you very soon.

If you pledged at a level that includes an anodised aluminium necklace, do double-check your emails as I sent a message to you earlier today. I'm still working on the audio collection and will soon be gathering together all the other rewards that are due to go out as part of certain pledge levels. I'm also thinking about the interactive fiction game that I announced would include the names of the first 150 supporters, but that seems like a nice thing to save for after the initial buzz has faded. I expect there'll be quite a lot going on in the weeks immediately after publication.

You might like to take this opportunity to add the book to your "to-read" shelf on Goodreads, if that's a site you use. Currently its listing over there is rather sparse, but the book already has a solid number of ratings and reviews (currently just from readers of the Pigeonhole serial). I'm really chuffed to see so many people enjoying it, but if you'd like to avoid spoilers then you might want to hold off scrolling too far through those reviews: nobody's actually given away the ending (at the time of writing), but there are a couple of nods to some pretty big clues!

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