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Thursday, 9 November 2017

If you're seeing this in your inbox, please do click it because you may have won a book!

Ten Little Astronauts is now halfway to its target with just over 200 people behind it. Either one of those milestones on its own would be cause for celebration, but to reach them both the very same day is really quite something! The video above includes the draw for the signed copy of Unearthly Sleuths I promised for one of those first 200 supporters, and it was Alex Rawlings who won it. Congratulations!

I think it's also worth mentioning that everyone who's pledged will be getting another milestone reward in their inboxes now that Ten Little Astronauts has reached 50%. Just what that reward will be, I'm not sure yet: things are moving so quickly that it's hard to keep up!

For the benefit of all you recent pledgers, here are links to all the supporter-only milestone rewards you can already get your hands on:

Having hit that halfway point, Ten Little Astronauts is doing better than it ever has before. Please do what you can to help keep up that momentum. Anything at all to help spread the word - sharing the book and updates like this one - makes a tremendous difference. If you only do one thing, though, please find one more person to join you in supporting the book. If everybody were to do that, Ten Little Astronauts would be fully funded overnight!

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