By Sylvia Linsteadt and Rima Staines

A post-apocalyptic novel rooted deep in the folkloric traditions of Old Europe, and set in a wildly re-imagined Northern California

Thursday, 3 March 2016


Dear & Marvelous Readers,

This morning, I watched in a matter of 20 minutes as the pledges still needed went from 6, to 5, to 2, to 1, to--- 100% funded!! The great bright flag of Complete! The mountain top, wreathed in banners of beautiful mist. Wow, what a ride it has been this month, as the fruit trees outside have blossomed and leafed furiously under the sun. We are so, so grateful to every single one of you, every name in the back of this book. What a joy, and an honor, to create this together, to have the memory of it in that collection of beautiful names. I am really moved and touched-- I'm floored, really, by this beautiful and generous support. To watch a book come into the world this way, it's path paved with such excitement and kindness. 

Now, the even * more * exciting bits begin. Editing with my marvelous Unbound editor, Rima's work on an elaborate cover painting (oh my goodness, can you even imagine how gorgeous it's going to be?!), the layout & design & all the rest of the things that publishers do. I will be keeping you posted about how all of this is going here in the Shed, and sharing more excerpts and writings from time to time! All because of your help. What a gift, dear ones. What a true gift. 

I  leave you with this photograph of a page from my notebook three years ago, where Tatterdemalion came pouring out in one great sweep of words. It seems to have had a life of its own since then, moving through me and out into the world in mysterious, unexpected and beautiful ways. May it continue to do so. 

Much love & gratitude to all of you. Have a beautiful day!

Sylvia & Rima

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Anna Bear
 Anna Bear says:

Woo hoo! So pleased it's fully funded! Congratulations!
Anna x

posted 3rd March 2016

Rebecca Smith
 Rebecca Smith says:


posted 3rd March 2016

Brigitte Luckett
 Brigitte Luckett says:

Congratulations! I'm really looking forward to this book to reaching my door!!

posted 3rd March 2016

Andrew Grundon
 Andrew Grundon says:

Im really excited for you all....and me ! Looking forward to the book immensely !

posted 4th March 2016

Joan Tucker
 Joan Tucker says:

Congrats on making magic; I anticipate the stories flowing from your woods to mine in Olympia, WA

posted 4th March 2016

Monika Schmid
 Monika Schmid says:

Congratulations to you both!!! I am so looking forward to holding this marvellous creation in my own hands. Much love to both of you xoxo

posted 4th March 2016

Drucilla Pettibone
 Drucilla Pettibone says:

It does seem like perfect timing as Spring is bringing new/old friends back to life!! I am thrilled for you all. Hearty congratulations for your beautiful work!!! xx

posted 4th March 2016

Catherine Cooper
 Catherine Cooper says:

That's brilliant news. It's a book that really did need sharing. Really looking forward to the day when it arrives at my door. Every good with to you all. Catherine x

posted 4th March 2016

Melanie Ainsbury-Dovey
 Melanie Ainsbury-Dovey says:

OOh I am so pleased for you all!
Well done! xxx
So happy! Can't wait to see the finished work! xxx

posted 4th March 2016

Sylvia Linsteadt
 Sylvia Linsteadt says:

You are all so kind!! Thank you so much for your wonderful support and your hearty congratulations! Love xx Sylvia

posted 4th March 2016

Ann Loker
 Ann Loker says:

congratulations! i'm so very happy and excited for you both. and i'm so looking forward to the day when i get to hold your beautiful book in my hands. all the best to you!


posted 4th March 2016

Therese Doherty
 Therese Doherty says:

Congratulations! I can't wait to read this wonder of a book … However, I've contacted Unbound by email a couple of times to ask about upgrading my order from 'Hardback' to the 'Read with a friend option', but so far have not received a reply. I'm guessing there will be some time to finalise orders before publishing actually begins, but I would like to get things sorted out a soon as possible. I'm just a little frustrated that no one has got back to me yet.

posted 5th March 2016

Julia Davison Kemp
 Julia Davison Kemp says:

Such exciting news - so very much looking forward to reading this wonder~full story that just had to be xx

posted 5th March 2016

Penny Reilly
 Penny Reilly says:

How exciting! Very much looking forward to reading the complete work ...congratulation wonderful authors and team Unbound UK.

posted 12th March 2016

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