By Sylvia Linsteadt and Rima Staines

A post-apocalyptic novel rooted deep in the folkloric traditions of Old Europe, and set in a wildly re-imagined Northern California

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Tatterdemalion Hits the Shelves!

Dear Wonderful Readers,

By now, most if not all of you should have your special edition of Tatterdemalion safe & sound in your hands, with its beautiful dust jacket-painting and luscious endpapers.... It is truly a thing of beauty, I am overjoyed every time I look at my own copy by the extra care and time the Unbound team put into bringing this book to life. And I very much hope you are all enjoying the tale as well as the book's good looks! :). There's a slight delay with the ebook version, but as soon as it's ready you'll be sent an email letting you know how to download this. 

I'm very moved and excited to say that yesterday May 4th was the official publication date for the trade edition of the book-- this means the version that will be sold in bookstores around the UK. It doesn't have the fabulous endpapers or the linen cover beneath that wonderful painting-jacket that your special editions do, but I must say that the trade edition is its own kind of beautiful...I absolutely adore the cover design, and the printing inside is every bit as gorgeous! And what's more, it's already hit the shelves at all the major Waterstones in London! Here it is for you to see... on the We Recommend Shelf no less! I am so honored to have it nestled there amidst so many other fantasy novels. It looks right at home, and makes my heart feel tender, like sending a child off into the world!

The release of the trade edition also means that the book is now available online through all major UK booksellers. If you are looking to buy a copy internationally, I'd recommend the Book Depository-- they have free shipping! 

For those of you who have already finished reading the book and feel so inclined, you are more than welcome to write a review on the Amazon UK page for the book.  Rima & I would both be very grateful for all of your words shared there. Although I prefer buying my books from smaller booksellers, I've always rather relied on Amazon reviews when making decisions about buying books. In fact one of the VERY FIRST things I ever really actively used on the internet as a girl of 12 was Amazon, where I would search and search for new fantasy novels to read! 

So, you can head over here to do so if you like -- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tatterdemalion-Sylvia-Linsteadt/dp/1783523298/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493917328&sr=8-1&keywords=tatterdemalion

And from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your support of this book, it truly could not have happened without you. 

With love,


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Preston Wilson
 Preston Wilson says:

It isn't just the endpapers and dust jacket that are beautiful. The binding is just smashing! It's been awhile since I've seen such a nice binding. And a marker ribbon, to boot! Wow!

posted 9th May 2017

Niki na Meadhra
 Niki na Meadhra says:

Congratulations on the new publication!

Tragedy has struck Down Under - my special edition has got lost or stolen in the post. It is currently being investigated. I am devastated. Hoping my story will have a happy ending.

posted 10th May 2017

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