By Sylvia Linsteadt and Rima Staines

A post-apocalyptic novel rooted deep in the folkloric traditions of Old Europe, and set in a wildly re-imagined Northern California

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Tatterdemalion Goes to the Hay Festival, and More News!

Dear Readers,

For those of you nearabouts Wales this weekend, that beautiful country of green hill & wild mountain, Rima will be in conversation with our publisher John Mitchinson this Saturday evening at 8:30 pm at the Hay Festival! The brilliant Tom Hirons, Rima's partner, will be reading an excerpt, which will surely be a treat as he is a completely marvelous storyteller. That's this Saturday, June 3rd. For more details and tickets, you can go here: https://www.hayfestival.com/p-12539-sylvia-v-linsteadt-and-rima-staines.aspx

And on the very same day, the Saturday London Times will be running a piece in their Six of the Best Myths column based on six of my own favorite myths, with a little bit about the importance of story in these intense times, and a mention of Tatterdemalion to boot. Pick up a copy on Saturday and have a look! I had a fantastic time talking with the reviews editor Fiona Wilson, and am honored to be featured there. 

(That's the trade edition cover of Tatterdemalion above; gorgeous, eh?!)

Meanwhile, we continue to gather a collection of touching, beautiful and sometimes hilarious reviews over on Amazon. We would be thrilled to see yours there too; every review helps this book reach its threads a bit further out into this strange and beautiful and aching world. Whatever your honest thoughts, good or bad, we'd love to read them. 

Otherwise, I am very excited to be planning an extended visit to the UK this coming autumn/winter to promote Tatterdemalion. Rima and I are currently dreaming up a series of performances around Dartmoor and beyond, performances that capture the spirit of this rambling, wild-hemmed tale. We will also be doing a number of bookstore appearances. Any suggestions, requests or ideas-- for venues, for locations--do send them our way! We would love to hear any and all of your input. 

With very warm regards, and gratitude as ever,


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