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Sarah tastes of grease, Donalds are rubber ducks dipped in vinegar... Julie McDowall has an unusual form of synaesthesia, which means that she can taste names. Want to know what yours tastes like? Now you can find out.

EARLY BIRD: Taste 1 name

71 pledges

Want to know what your name tastes of? Choose this level

EARLY BIRD: Taste 5 names

24 pledges

Do your friends taste of vinegary rubber ducks? Or perhaps they're gnomes filled with strawberry fondant. There's only one way to find out...Choose this level if you would like Julie to taste five names for you

EARLY BIRD: Taste with a friend

2 pledges

The unusual gift you never knew you wanted: get five names for yourself plus five names for your friend to choose

EARLY BIRD: buffet of names

Brighten up the dullest of meetings by telling everyone their name's taste. Also useful as a conversation starter at parties. Choose this level and Julie will taste 20-30 names for you

Recorded video

Up to 25 names in a short, recorded video.

EARLY BIRD: wedding - party

A veritable feast of names -- choose this level if you would like Julie to taste more than 50 names for you. There is no weirder wedding favour for your guests and no better way to get people to introduce themselves to one another at conferences, than for you to tell them their flavour and see what they think

Skype call

Julie will Skype live into your party/wedding/presentation/meeting for 15 minutes.


By day, Julie is a historian on nuclear threat and runs the podcast the Atomic Hobo. Support her work and she will offer you a Skype consultation/recording and up to 100 names, plus her eternal thanks