The Tango Effect

By Kate Swindlehurst

Parkinson’s and the healing power of dance

Friday, 5 October 2018


Last weekend to London for a 50th anniversary of a first meeting, in Room C12 we think on the third floor of Colllege Hall on Malet Street, with the woman who was to become a lifelong friend. We spent this weekend wandering the streets and bookshops of Bloomsbury (not unlike the time we should have been in lectures and tutorials way back when) though sadly we never made it to Carablanca or the Tango Garden - I had hoped to show Linda a window on my world...

Back to the future: the final draft of the manuscript is now with Unbound, the production team 'thrilled' to be publishing and I'm looking forward to being introduced to my in-house editor next week. Meanwhile there are permissions to chase and photos to organise. The good news is that copies of the book should be with subscribers ahead of its arrival in shops and online.

Meanwhile, apologies to those who were expecting a 'grand finale' to happen next weekend, 13th October: I was still struggling to find a venue when the news that we had hit the 100% target wiped all other matters from my mind! So a postponement, I'm afraid - and the event might be a little less grand than I'd envisaged - but definitely a celebration and a thankyou, this side of Christmas. Watch this space for the date!

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