The Tango Effect

By Kate Swindlehurst

Parkinson’s and the healing power of dance

Tuesday, 18 June 2019


A nudge from Unbound reminds me that it's more than a month since my last update - so definitely time to catch up. I haven't been idle: the copy edit turned up what for me was a surprising number of points which needed my attention and that kept me busy for several weeks. But the good news is that the book is in better shape as a result and should be off to the typesetters very soon. 

Meanwhile the Unbound team have come up with a lovely design for the cover, based on one of John's photos but with a creative approach which they feel conveys 'connection, protection and intimacy' - as indeed it does. Watch this space...

I'm still attending the regular milongas at St Paul's here in Cambridge and last month made my debut as a tango DJ. Quite a challenge to choose and deliver the music for three and a half hours of dancing but it's a wonderful feeling when it works! I've also been dancing at Poplar Union as part of an exciting new project, 'Collectivity and Identity (CID)', led by dance artist Danielle Teale under the 'Dancing with Parkinson's' banner. And this weekend I'll be sharing a platform at the Institute of Continuing Educaiton at Madingley Hall with fellow writers Mbozi Haimbe and Midge Gillies for a panel discussion as part of the Cambridge Short Story Festival.


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David Foley
 David Foley says:

MC Swinds. I like it.

posted 19th June 2019

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