The Tango Effect

By Kate Swindlehurst

Parkinson’s and the healing power of dance

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Getting there!

Well it's 25 days since the launch and, thanks to all who've pledged their support so far, Parkinson's & the Tango Effect is well on the way to achieving its target. I've been surprised and delighted by the way readers have got behind the project, by the generosity of friends and the interest of strangers. This probably shouldn't come as a surprise: the media are currently noisy with exercise regimes and recommendations for the New Year, and NHS chief Simon Stevens last month urged GPs to prescribe lifestyle changes rather than automatically resorting to medication. Doctors have begun to take on board the need for 'social prescribing' and patients in Halton in Merseyside, for example, might well find themselves with tango on presciption. You can find out more about how the tango 'medicine' worked for me by pledging your support for the book. Please also spread the word by encouraging your family, friends and contacts to do the same.

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