The Tango Effect

By Kate Swindlehurst

Parkinson’s and the healing power of dance

Friday, 1 June 2018


More than an ironic aside on unseasonal weather, I discover that Flaming June is also a painting - a portrait of artist Frederic Leighton's muse, actor Dorothy Dene, wrapped in a frock which positively blazes passion, eyes closed in what looks like bliss. I'm wondering if she might have been a secret tango dancer. 

So, a fantastic achievement with funding so far - in the dark days of winter, I really couldn't imagine we'd ever see 62%! And of course it's thanks to all of you who have given so generously - most recently Jo.

But... almost 6 months in, I'm finding myself low on energy and inspiration, and aware that we need to recover momentum. Fortunately, Aileen is there with another brilliant idea:

You are invited to participate in - .

2018 Auction For Parkinson`s And The Tango Effect

An open auction of promises - which might be a single event (a guided walk) or experience (an afternoon`s bird-watching, kayaking on the Cam), an offer of help (a couple or hours ironing or gardening, an evening`s baby-sitting), sharing a skill (photography, knitting) or a taster session (lindy hop, life drawing), from the modest (how to make a paper aeroplane) to a flight in a real one... Contributors are encouraged to give generously of their time and expertise....

The auction website goes live this morning at 9:00 and you will be able to contribute promises and bid online from then. Please do get involved and encourage others - I'm hoping for lots of envelope-pushing in the next few weeks! The auction will finish with a grand finale on the weekend of 14/15 July - still at the drawingboard stage but something along the lines of a Garden Party Spectacular. I'm thinking readings, live music, dancing, dance performances/demos and taster sessions, refreshments of course, perhaps a celebrity or two... So please, in addition to promising your promises and getting the bidding started, do offer whatever you can to help make this happen - a band? a portable dance floor? (and there is also the small matter of the garden?!)

I'm very aware of that ticking clock and also of the need, in addition to all the above, for that single substantial sponsor - ideas on a postcard please. But meanwhile let's see if we can ready to go out in a blaze of glory.

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