Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Well that last stretch was a tough one! Heartfelt thanks to the most recent pledgers (and the movers & shakers: Andy, Francesca, Bob) who helped us inch our way over the halfway mark. I find myself thinking of the one marathon I completed, back in '84 - so almost exactly half my lifetime ago. Not the most encouraging comparison as I recall the second half began with a turn into the wind along the Dock Road, and then I ran out of steam almost completely around Mile 21. BUT all those hours of training paid off in the end and I made it, with the help of a guy twice my age who held my hand as we crossed the finish and all the kids who lined the route handing out 'lolly ices' to weary runners. There must be a moral there somewhere...

SO... time to dig deep: please keep those creative ideas/out-of-the-box thoughts coming. If you know of anyone who might just be considering making a pledge, give them a gentle nudge. If you've been meaning to for ages & still haven't got round to it, now could be the moment! I believe it's a great little book, and an important one and I can't wait to see it published! I'm feeling determined, optimistic, energised. Lolly ices at the ready... 

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