The Tango Effect

By Kate Swindlehurst

Parkinson’s and the healing power of dance

Monday, 17 February 2020


SUDDENLY, after what has felt like a very long wait, THE TANGO EFFECT has gone to press. In fact, I discover it's already available to pre-order in bookshops and online, and I'm expecting a rather large boxful of copies to arrive later this week for signing (the short version, owing to the ruin that Parkinson's has made of my hand-writing)...



So, not one to do things by halves, I'm heading for a double celebration and it would be splendid if you could join me at one or the other (or even both as one faithful supporter plans to do). On Publication Day itself, Thursday 2nd April, there will be a BOOK LAUNCH & READING at the Amnesty Bookshop on Mill Road in Cambridge from 6:30 pm. There will be one or two copies of The Tango Effect available at a slightly reduced price and also an opportunity to browse and buy from the bookshop shelves. Tickets are available free from Eventbrite (The Tango Effect) - donations to Amnesty International welcome. Do book early if you'd like to be there, though, as space is limited!



 Then on 13th April another chance to celebrate at the CAMTANGO EASTER MONDAY MILONGA! Join dancers from all over the world and DJ Irina from Moscow for five hours of dancing. Or, if you're not a dancer, come and meet and chat to the author (ideally before 5: 00 pm: after that you're likely to find me busy in the kitchen or maybe even on the dance floor)  Or simply enjoy a glass of wine as you listen to the wonderful music, watch the action and soak up the atmosphere.                         .


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Richard Robinson
 Richard Robinson says:

Great stuff but how do I book when there are no obvious contact details?

posted 18th February 2020

martin johnson
 martin johnson says:

when i search for the tango effect in eventbrite, i dont get a hit on your book launch?

posted 18th February 2020

Leigh Chambers
 Leigh Chambers says:

Here's the link to Eventbrite. I'll be there, Kate. And congratulations! Can't wait to see the book. x

posted 18th February 2020

Kate Swindlehurst
 Kate Swindlehurst says:

So sorry for the lack of clarity and thanks Leigh for filling in the gaps! I'm slightly baffled as a search for The Tango Effect does deliver on my laptop - but perhaps that's because I created the event? Martin and Richard,do please let me know if you still have any difficulty registering for the 2nd April. No need to book if you're hoping to join us for the milonga though it might be an idea to let me know (here is fine)- wouldn't be good to run out of cake!

posted 19th February 2020

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