The Tango Effect

By Kate Swindlehurst

Parkinson’s and the healing power of dance

Saturday, 22 February 2020



SO... the  big box of books for signing was delayed but should be with me on Monday morning. Meanwhile two advance copies of The Tango Effect arrived here through the post on Tuesday. It's a wonderful if rather strange feeling, to hold in my hands at last the thing which has eaten up so much time, effort and energy over the last few years. It's looking lovely so a VERY big thank you to the team at Unbound for helping to turn an idea into such a fine reality.

Thanks too to those who have successfully negotiated the Eventbrite tripwire and already booked for the reading on Publication Day, 2nd April. My apologies if the original invitation was unclear. If you wish to book, try following the link here.

Just about half the available places have now gone, so don't leave it too late if you are hoping to be there - but do please let me know via this page if you have difficulty booking and I can do it for you. Or drop me an email if you prefer: 

For the milonga on 13th  April, there is no need to book although it might be helpful if you would let me know if you are planning to join us. All welcome (no charge for non-dancers). Very much looking forward to celebrating with you!


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Jan Hurst
 Jan Hurst says:

What a beautiful cover - love it! Jan H.

posted 24th February 2020

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