Monday, 12 March 2018

90 days in, I am aware that I ask a great deal of my friends. This from Parkinson's & the Tango Effect Chapter 10: 'Medicine': 

"As the last traces of summer warmth evaporated, I found myself embarrassed by my need – or was it neediness? I didn't know who or what to ask, or how or when. How late was too late? How much was greedy? How long before those closest to me felt the tug and chafe of me as a weight around their generous necks?"

I thought of this as I looked round the room at the crowd who had gathered yesterday in response to my invitation for coffee and cake, along with the suggestion that they might add a contribution to the tango shoe-bag as they left. As always, I'm astonished by the generosity of friends as well as by the kindness of relative strangers who I hope will become friends. To all who have helped raise a brilliant almost 50% of funding, a very big thank you. 

Now, I suppose, is when the real challenge kicks in... I'm still thinking in terms of a big event - but also considering the possibility of talks & readings & demos, perhaps a flash mob or a film show... Please keep thinking creatively and send all your brilliant ideas and outside-the-box inspirations my way!

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