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The Tango Effect

By Kate Swindlehurst

Parkinson’s and the healing power of dance

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Publication date: April 2020

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Gran Baile

A personal, interractive demonstration of how tango can help with Parkinson's - in Cambridge with the author and local tango teacher John Connatty, or UK/ Eire only with just the author
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How do you deal with a diagnosis of Parkinson's? Dancing is probably the last thing on your mind…

Parkinson’s & the Tango Effect is the story of an incredible year in the life of a woman with Parkinson’s. It began with a tango lesson and grew into an exploration of the healing potential of the dance.

Quirky, intimate and unashamedly literary, the book takes an unflinching look at the dark side but also at reasons to celebrate. It builds on research on the impact of dance on Parkinson's symptoms & takes it a stage further, with a behind-the-scenes record of private lessons and contributions from tango teachers. It documents the emotional and social benefits of the dance and its impact on the quality of life.

This book is my story, a story of learning to accept myself as I am but also refusing to be defined by Parkinson’s. It’s about how I found a way of living with illness that is liberating. It’s the story of an extraordinary dance, both exotic and accessible, its history, its music. It’s the story of what happens when the two come together. And it’s the story of a sustaining and enduring friendship.

Parkinson’s & the Tango Effect challenges our perceptions of disability. It is essential reading for those with a professional interest in dance and Parkinson's, and for researchers in the field. It's also a book for the ordinary reader, for those living with a chronic condition, and for the tango and Parkinson's communities worldwide.

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  • Kate Swindlehurst avatar

    Kate Swindlehurst

    After 30 years as an English teacher in secondary schools in London, the north of England and Mexico City, the diagnosis of Parkinson’s proved my escape route, first to Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and then, via their Creative Writing MA and with the help of an Arts Council Escalator Award, to Argentina, to work on a novel exploring Argentina’s disappeared. Closer to home, I was also keen to explore our relationship with the natural world. As writer in residence at Cambridge University Botanic Garden, again with the support of Arts Council England, I produced a short story collection, Writing the Garden. At present I am working on The Station Master, a novel with a Bulgarian setting based on our responses to the refugee crisis. The Station Master won this year’s Adventures in Fiction Spotlight competition for debut novelists. I have had short fiction and non-fiction pieces published and am working towards publication of the novels. Meanwhile, Parkinson’s and the Tango Effect is the book closest to my heart. It has survived several major revisions and I am delighted that it is at last coming up for air with Unbound. A northerner by birth and habit, I have now made my home in Cambridge. For further information and a varied and substantial blog history go to my website.



    So what is it about tango that has the power to transform? Sceptics often add a second question: ‘Is it just..?’ Answer: no, it’s not just – the rhythm, or the music, or any one aspect which makes it different from aerobics or cycling, or even salsa or ballroom. I’ve read much of the research documentation, which describes and records the impact tango seems to have on an individual with Parkinson’s, and in some cases speculates about why and how this works. From my own experience, I have felt how each feature of the dance hits a particular Parkinson’s spot, with dramatic results.

    Take grace. I’m no football fan, but watching an expert manage a ball for ten or twelve paces is infinitely satisfying: that combination of timing, poise, agility, fluency, dodge and weave, halt and go – wonderful, especially as these are skills I will never share. The grace of the tanguero is akin to that of the practised midfielder, except that I am not talking about professional dancers here. Of course, in performance, we enjoy these qualities, along with the complex motifs and patterns that ordinary mortals will never match. But what often draws that gasp of delight from those watching is a quieter moment, perhaps a hiatus before a step or a second or two where the balance of the follower is deliberately upset and then restored. Moments such as these are the stuff of the milonga. Any evening, almost every couple will glimpse perfection, that instant where everything comes together in the best possible way. And when you’re not on the floor yourself, look around: at every turn, amongst the clumsy and over-ambitious, fat or thin, skippers or gliders, shufflers or stalkers, the surprise of beauty.




             [Photo: John Connatty]

    Well I didn't expect The Tango Effect to break any sales records or to be vying for top ten status alongside Michelle Obama and David  Walliams. But the sales figures for the six months since publication are certainly disappointing - a Covid casualty I'm sure, at least in part, although I could probably have tried harder to promote the book online…


    Sorry! Thanks to those who spotted my error (although Paul SInha is well worth a listen and is now part of the Parkinson's family). I've corrected the link to the audio recordings in the original update but just to be sure here it is again in full:



    29th August 2020 LOOKING UP, LOOKING DOWN

    I'm excited to report that the first of the audio recordings from The Tango Effect were launched online this week by the Dance for Parkinson's Partnership UK at People Dancing. During the months of lockdown the diary format of the book formed a strange counterpoint to what was happening in real time. So I was pleased to have the opportunity to record extracts from the book taken from the chapters…

    3rd July 2020 LIFE HAPPENS

    'LIFE HAPPENS' - the podcast - is now available to listen here!

    Doesn't it, though - happen (life, I mean)? I've lost track of the number of weeks I've been more or less obediently 'shielding' despite not feeling especially at risk but I've become used to the sense that someone else is pulling my strings. So the news that from next month I'm to become responsible for my own health and well-being…


    Incredibly, it’s three months today since The Tango Effect was published. If you haven’t yet got around to sending me your feedback or you have more to say, please do get in touch (here, via facebook or email - I’d love to know what you thought. As a writer, a window on the reading experience can be immensely useful.


    7th May 2020 ROMEO & JULIET... & TANGO

    As I write the country is still in 'lockdown' - strange how quickly language accommodates a new reality. Although it seems that the situation is likely to ease soon, I find myself on a list of the 'extremely vulnerable' so am expecting to be holed up here for the foreseeable future.

    So thank goodness for the internet! In the absence of opportunities to dance, I've been enjoying online alternatives…

    16th April 2020 70 up! MINUS THE MILONGA

    So... the Easter Monday Bank Holiday came and went, sadly without the dancing. But I was joined by family and friends who helped celebrate the big birthday, complete with cakes and candles, various drinks, an assortment of pets (!), even a sung happy birthday. After some weeks of social isolation it felt good to see so many lovely faces and rather special to have many of those I hold most dear…


    To celebrate the official publication of The Tango Effect, listen to a recording my son Jack and I made yesterday 


    In these strange and troubling times, it's difficult to focus on anything other than COVID-19 and its encroachment on every area of our lives. It feels particularly out of joint with the time to be planning to celebrate. But perhaps the extraordinary phenomenon of Argentine tango may help to dispel some of the shadows.

     By now you should have received your copies of The Tango Effect in advance…

    23rd March 2020 HEADS UP, HEADS DOWN, RA RA RA

    THE HEADS UP: The Daily Mail, along with the Scottish Daily Mail, today published an adapted extract from The Tango Effect. Thanks to local support I found a copy outside my front door when I returned from this morning's run. You can read the article here.

    THE HEADS DOWN: I'm currently keeping my distance as instructed, head down and cracking on with reading and decorating - writing next!

    20th March 2020 ANY QUESTIONS?

    Hello dear faithfhul supporters

    Hoping you are all safely holed up with everything you need in these extraordinary times. I am well and well-supported by friends and neighbours and expecting to keep busy working my way through the to-be-read pile, painting walls and perhaps writing a bit, as well as running along the river for as long as that remains possible.

    Meanwhile I'm getting started…



    Dear wonderful supporters

    Sadly, as I feared, the celebrations planned both for 2nd April and 13th April are now cancelled, due to the coronavirus. Cambridge tango events are suspended until further notice and Amnesty International has closed all its bookshops for the time being. 

    I am very sorry, particularly for those who have made arrangements to travel to Cambridge. Quite sorry…


    So what we have in place at the moment is an ambitious double: a bijou event on the official publication date, 2nd April, at the Amnesty Bookshop on Mill Road in Cambridge and the Easter Monday milonga on 13th April., a much bigger affair, with potentially over 100 dancers and several non-dancing guests.

    Sadly, I am afraid that the status of both events is now uncertain in the light of the…

    22nd February 2020 AN UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: CELEBRATING...


    SO... the  big box of books for signing was delayed but should be with me on Monday morning. Meanwhile two advance copies of The Tango Effect arrived here through the post on Tuesday. It's a wonderful if rather strange feeling, to hold in my hands at last the thing which has eaten up so much time, effort and energy over the last few years. It's looking lovely so a VERY big thank you to the…

    17th February 2020 CELEBRATING... TWICE!

    SUDDENLY, after what has felt like a very long wait, THE TANGO EFFECT has gone to press. In fact, I discover it's already available to pre-order in bookshops and online, and I'm expecting a rather large boxful of copies to arrive later this week for signing (the short version, owing to the ruin that Parkinson's has made of my hand-writing)...



    So, not one to do things by halves, I…

    20th January 2020 NEW YEAR NEW YOU NEW ME?


    Well, I made my usual 13 resolutions (a small superstition due to having been born on the 13th of the month) and promptly broke one: I've had to give myself a holiday from my writing routine to catch up on all the admin which seems to have piled up over Christmas - and to take a few minutes to bring you up to date with the progress of The Tango Effect.

    So... I've checked through the final…

    15th November 2019 PREPARING FOR PRINT


    LAST NIGHT at our weekly milonga at St Paul's I found myself, as often recently, answering the question 'What's happening with the book?' and thought it's about time I brought you up to date. Incredibly, it seems that four months have gone by since the last update. I'm so sorry for my silence and for leaving you in the dark for so long. 

    The good news is that the production process is…


    Actually that should read 'several steps forward': in addition to the fabulous cover design, I've now received the full cover artwork and have chosen a rather lovely typeface for the main body of the book. And I understand that the typeset proofs will be on their way to me very soon. All of which is pretty exciting. 

    The second half of Lenin's quote, 'two steps back', refers to yesterday's…

    18th June 2019 GETTING THERE...

    A nudge from Unbound reminds me that it's more than a month since my last update - so definitely time to catch up. I haven't been idle: the copy edit turned up what for me was a surprising number of points which needed my attention and that kept me busy for several weeks. But the good news is that the book is in better shape as a result and should be off to the typesetters very soon. 



    Perhaps you will have noticed that the book now has a new title? - THE TANGO EFFECT - a slimmer, smarter, catchier title, with a subtitle 'Parkinson's & the healing power of tango'. The original was a working title we settled for when the book was first accepted by Unbound. In an online conversation about the cover design last week I suggested it might be time for a rethink and this is the result…


    Tango is certainly extending its reach. I recently stumbled across this news item on an 'inclusive milonga' in Buenos Aires which makes quite inspiring viewing - 'magico' is the participants' verdict. And I was heartened to read in a link sent by a friend yesterday that word has also spread to Salon Canning, the first milonga I attended in Buenos Aires back in 2008. From 5th April, every Friday at…

    21st January 2019 Developing...

    THE DEVELOPMENT EDIT... is under way.

    THE REWARDS... I'm getting there!

    MEANWHILE.... I'm delighted to have been asked to read at Othersyde/the Engineer's House, Riverside CB5 8HN on Thursday 31 January at 19:00. If you are in or near Cambridge, do come and enjoy a glass of wine and a warm fire and listen to extracts from Parkinson's & the Tango Effect as well as a selection of other readings…

    27th November 2018 CELEBRATING... THANK YOU... REMINDERS

    REMINDER: A CELEBRATION - of reaching the 100% funding target AND A THANK YOU - to all who contributed so generously and who kept on believing in the book.

    WHEN? SUNDAY 16 DECEMBER 10:30 a.m.until late


    WHAT TO EXPECT? Coffee or a light lunch, tea and cake, mulled wine and a mince pie. Call in for half an hour or stay all day…


    After a fairly frenetic nine months of crowd-funding, a quieter time when I've been trying to resume what passes for normal life, in particular working on the novel which has had to take a back seat as well as chasing up the few remaining permissions for Parkinson's & the Tango Effect. Meanwhile John has been busy with his camera and we're assembling a collection of wonderful photos for the book.


    Last weekend to London for a 50th anniversary of a first meeting, in Room C12 we think on the third floor of Colllege Hall on Malet Street, with the woman who was to become a lifelong friend. We spent this weekend wandering the streets and bookshops of Bloomsbury (not unlike the time we should have been in lectures and tutorials way back when) though sadly we never made it to Carablanca or the…

    25th September 2018 IN CASE YOU MISSED THE NEWS...

    It's official! Parkinson's & the Tango Effect is 100% funded! A very big and heartfelt THANK YOU to all pledgers and promisers (don't forget to chase up your successful bid from the Auction of Promises if you haven't done so yet), also to the tweeters and sharers and the hundreds of supporters who got behind the campaign in so many ways. Thanks in particular to most recent pledgers Dan Kieran, Alex…

    11th September 2018 A FINAL PUSH?

    (for those who missed the latest email/facebook updates)

    So... the Tango Prom was fairly spectacular, with some excellent traditional Argentinian tangos from singer Nahuel di Pierro and bandoneon players Matias Gonzalez and Lysandre Donoso accompanied by Cambridge-based orchestra the Britten SInfonia, with performances by dancers Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone. This was followed by an exploration…

    2nd September 2018 ON THE ROPES...


    I first encountered Spotlight, the very excellent charity for people with Young Onset Parkinson's, at Rooney's Boxing Gym back in April. The first half of the slogan on the front of my t-shirt (the back pictured above) 'ON THE ROPES' sums up pretty neatly how I'm feeling just now. Months of dedicated slog on my part writing articles, blog posts, updates and emails, speaking to a range of…

    22nd August 2018 ALMOST THERE?

    Almost, but not quite. Hoping for a hike in funds to 85% last Sunday was just that, hoping, not unlike the magical thinking I was prone to way back in March when I imagined a mystery benefactor lurking like Magwitch among the gravestones. Of course I am immensely grateful to those who responded so positively to Parkinson's & the Tango Effect being Unbound's Project of the Week last week, but there…

    10th August 2018 81% & COUNTING

    So it's official! 81% funded and trending on Unbound! Is this the home straight? I'd like to think so.

    This week saw me present at the postponed PechaKucha Volume 15 'Fond Farewell' at Cambridge's Espresso Library: such a smart location and a very cool event - if somewhat intimidating! But the feedback from the 60-or-so-strong crowd was encouraging and you should be able to view my presentation…

    24th July 2018 SUMMER LOVING



    Blessed by the weather, the Grand Garden Spectacular Weekend was a spectacular success, and not just for the near-£2,000 injection of cash into the funds. For me it was a welcome chance to look away from the computer screen towards the human face of crowd-funding, a reminder of the kindness of strangers and the love and affection of friends. Too many to mention by name - some I didn…

    10th July 2018 PROMISES PROMISES...

    With just 5 days to go until its live finale, the online Auction of Promises has produced a fantastically generous range of promises so far and over £700 in bids. I'm optimistic that with your support we will achieve our £2,000 target, which will make a big dent in the amount still  to raise for Parkinson's & the Tango Effect. 

    My public profile has never been higher. Thanks again to the Cresset…

    15th June 2018 IN THE MIDDLE...

    Mid-June, & not far off Midsummer, and I'm cheered (and intrigued) by the latest addition to the Auction of Promises: 'Five meters of home-made felt bunting in colours of your choice'. Cheered because otherwise progress is somewhere between very slow and stopped. 62% funded sounds very promising indeed - until you remember that it's been thereabouts for some weeks now. At times like these, it's hard…

    1st June 2018 FLAMING JUNE

    More than an ironic aside on unseasonal weather, I discover that Flaming June is also a painting - a portrait of artist Frederic Leighton's muse, actor Dorothy Dene, wrapped in a frock which positively blazes passion, eyes closed in what looks like bliss. I'm wondering if she might have been a secret tango dancer. 

    So, a fantastic achievement with funding so far - in the dark days of winter, I…


    You will see them dancing above the water of rivers and ponds, not just in May but on any warm summer's day. Famous for their brief lives - some live as adults only for a few hours - they were one of the first winged insects, their fossils dating back over 300 million years, A vital food source for fish and other freshwater creatures, their presence is a marker of a clean, unpolluted environment.

    29th April 2018 COUNTING ON APRIL

    Inspiration from the past: in conversation with John Ruskin

    Having an April birthday, I tend to feel that this is 'my' month and last weekend's brief burst of summer saw us joining the hordes with the same idea for an afternoon in the deckchairs at The Orchard Tea Room. Sadly the weather doesn't last  although other anniversaries buoy the hopes. This Saturday Anglia Ruskin celebrated 25…


    I couldn't really let World Parkinson's Day go by without a brief update. It's a day that's being marked and - well, celebrated? - yes, I think celebrated - across the world. For the third year, Florida's Tonya Walker has rolled out her #HeelsOnHeadUp social media campaign and I felt I had to contribute my photo (in tango shoes of course!) - you should be able to find it on twitter. There's also a…

    28th March 2018 DIGGING IN/DIGGING DEEP

    Well that last stretch was a tough one! Heartfelt thanks to the most recent pledgers (and the movers & shakers: Andy, Francesca, Bob) who helped us inch our way over the halfway mark. I find myself thinking of the one marathon I completed, back in '84 - so almost exactly half my lifetime ago. Not the most encouraging comparison as I recall the second half began with a turn into the wind along the…

    12th March 2018 90 DAYS & COUNTING...

    90 days in, I am aware that I ask a great deal of my friends. This from Parkinson's & the Tango Effect Chapter 10: 'Medicine': 

    "As the last traces of summer warmth evaporated, I found myself embarrassed by my need – or was it neediness? I didn't know who or what to ask, or how or when. How late was too late? How much was greedy? How long before those closest to me felt the tug and chafe of me…


    I have been reading about the ‘mad’ March hare whose seasonal departure from its normal timidity into uncharacteristic spring frenzy – random vertical jumping and ‘boxing’ with rivals – has earned the creature its reputation. By association, the ‘Mad Hatter’s’ tea party (though Lewis Carroll never used the term) has perhaps cemented our view of the hare. Well, if the cap fits…

    So, the good news…

    31st January 2018 THREE IDEAS FOR FEBRUARY

    First, a MASSIVE thank you to all supporters so far! - to the 130+ who've pledged their support financially and helped us to an encouraging 40% of the target, as well as the creative thinkers, those who've posted blogs and articles, John for the photos and the tireless ones like Jack who have persisted with shares and tweets and generally helped to keep this small boat afloat. Also to tango DJs local…

    6th January 2018 Getting there!

    Well it's 25 days since the launch and, thanks to all who've pledged their support so far, Parkinson's & the Tango Effect is well on the way to achieving its target. I've been surprised and delighted by the way readers have got behind the project, by the generosity of friends and the interest of strangers. This probably shouldn't come as a surprise: the media are currently noisy with exercise regimes…

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