Taming Gaming: Guide Your Child to Video Game Health

By Andy Robertson

A light-hearted, informative guide to what screen-time, gaming and gadgets are doing to children, for parents who’d rather lock it all in a cupboard.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Taming Gaming on BBC Radio 4 and ITV Good Morning Britain

Support for my Taming Gaming book has taken it (and me) places I would never have imagined, with media as diverse as BBC's Mariella Frostrup to ITV's Piers Morgan wanting to talk about it. You can help make it a reality even sooner by supporting, sharing my Tweet, or Facebook post, or just writing your own post to the book saying why you're a supporter.

Although this media debate hasn't always been balanced, it's galvanised support for the book from parents who want to be equipped to make a difference. It's been exciting see the support roll in, and hearing from engaged parents who want to help their children have a more healthy relationship with video games.

As you can see from the research video with mum, Charlie (above), the book itself is progressing really well. I've already got amazing content to share from a range of industry experts, parents and professionals. There's also a growing number of family gaming recipes ready to help you get involved in. It's going to be the only thing you need to guide your child to gaming health and turn games like Fortnite from a headache into something positive.

Any questions about the book and family gaming, please feel free to email me (book@taminggaming.com).

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