Taming Gaming: Guide Your Child to Video Game Health

By Andy Robertson

A light-hearted, informative guide to what screen-time, gaming and gadgets are doing to children, for parents who’d rather lock it all in a cupboard.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Taming Gaming book 163% funded and making headlines

We did it. Thank you!

Since reaching my funding for Taming Gaming, I've been busy finishing the manuscript and compiling 100s of family gaming recipes. Your support means I can spend the time to create an amazing resource for parents. It's been inspiring to go back to the original idea of the book and find it so alive and much needed.

I should have the final manuscript shortly at which point we will be able to finalise a publication date. Before then there's still time to pre-order copies for friends and family, or to pass on the link to parents and carers who may benefit from the book.

I also have a special deal that your school might want to take advantage of: pre-order 8 copies (£200) for the school library and get an electronic copy for every parent (worth £10 each). 

The buzz around the book has continued to grow along with backing from gaming companies including ESRB, ESA, Ukie, Roblox, Xbox, iNet Guardian, Digital Schoolhouse, VSC Rating Board, Sensible Object, thumbfood and MovieStarPlanet.

It's also been featured in national newspapers like The i, The Guardian and The Star, as well as on BBC 5 Live, Talk Sport radio and on TV with ITV, Sky and Good Morning Britain.

Thanks again for your belief and support of the book. There's nothing quite like it and I know it will make a difference to hundreds of families, helping them make gaming positive and beneficial for everyone. 

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