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Parents love the book and are discovering the game database

Saturday, 14 August 2021

The Taming Gaming book has been out in the wild for over 6 months now. The response has been overwhelming. Five-star reviews on Amazon and so many parents and guardians have got in touch to say how they have found a new confidence, understand and care for their children's video game hobby.

Thank you again for supporting this important project!

Since the book launched I've been working on…

First Reader Review of Taming Gaming!

Friday, 29 November 2019

With your support, I've been hard at work on the book. It was submitted to the publisher a few months ago and now contains over 270 gaming suggestions and loads of tips to help you guide your children to healthy gaming. 

It's been through its structural edit now, which means it's had a close read by a professional editor. I was excited (and a little nervous) that Unbound appointed an editor to…

Taming Gaming book 163% funded and making headlines

Friday, 24 May 2019

We did it. Thank you!

Since reaching my funding for Taming Gaming, I've been busy finishing the manuscript and compiling 100s of family gaming recipes. Your support means I can spend the time to create an amazing resource for parents. It's been inspiring to go back to the original idea of the book and find it so alive and much needed.

I should have the final manuscript shortly at which point…

"Taming Gaming" Song Uncovers Parents' Battle For The Living Room

Thursday, 1 November 2018

We've hit 27% funded! Now's the time to share the book link with friends and family so I can complete the project and get you your beautiful copy as soon as possible.

The support for the book is really growing with a generous pledge from who are experts in online safety. If you know any other companies who might like to support the book and be included in some way, do…

Taming Gaming on BBC Radio 4 and ITV Good Morning Britain

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Support for my Taming Gaming book has taken it (and me) places I would never have imagined, with media as diverse as BBC's Mariella Frostrup to ITV's Piers Morgan wanting to talk about it. You can help make it a reality even sooner by supporting, sharing my Tweet, or Facebook post, or just writing your own post to the book saying why you're a supporter.

Although this media debate hasn't always…

Publication date: January 2021
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