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Sunday, 1 April 2018

A great big thank you to everyone who has supported The Stranger’s Guide To Talliston.

To those who pledged for a book.

To those who shared, blogged, tweeted and otherwise spread the word around the globe.

To those who volunteered to help run events to raise money, or tell stories, or bake pizzas from scratch.

To those groups and associations who invited me to come and speak to their members.

To those who donated extra, over and above, just because they believed in the book, its story and message.

Talliston is far more than a house, far more than a novel, far more than the sum of its constituent parts. It is not about the world as it is, but as it should be.

So thank you for giving me this chance to spread that message to a whole new audience. You have all been so generous.

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Madeleine Swann
Madeleine Swann says:

Yay! Well done!

April 03, 2018

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