The Stranger's Guide to Talliston

By John Tarrow

A Young Adult fantasy adventure inspired by 'Britain’s Most Extraordinary Home', Talliston House & Gardens

Tuesday, 8 September 2020


This video is a sneak peek of just one of the amazing exclusive content available to members of The Talliston Fellowship.


It has been over a year since the publication of The Stranger’s Guide To Talliston – and what a year it’s been! Now lockdown is beginning to ease, I thought I would give everyone an update on what is happening and how to keep involved with all things Talliston.


Covid-19 hit hardest on tourism and the arts – and book and house fall into both categories. For four months we were closed, but now guests are returning safely both to stay and visits. If you have read the book, what better way to add to the experience than stepping into each chapter with a tour around the labyrinth.

Or with a tea, tour or stayover.

Every single event helps support projects like us who were not eligible for any government funding during lockdown.



Tuesday 6th October 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the Talliston project – and to celebrate we’re launching The Talliston Fellowship. It’s an invitation to be part of this extraordinary project... and the next!

Talliston has always been funded by ordinary people on a journey to achieve the impossible. The culmination of half a century of design, sourcing and rebuilding, it is now time for the next step – creation of a community to support this living, breathing fantasy world – and ensure Talliston a timeless, prosperous and sustainable future.

Membership starts at £1 – and every penny will take us closer to our goal – to create the time and money to secure the future of the house and gardens forever..

Full details and membership benefits can be found at The Talliston Fellowship.



1/. The Stranger’s Guide To Ringthorne

The Stranger’s Guide To Ringthorne is both sequel and prequel to the first book. Starting in Elizabethan Essex, featuring the same locations, different moments – and two dozen new rooms in this extraordinary expanded universe. The new YA novel is written and awaiting a sensible time to look at publication

It is Twelfth Night 1590 and thirteen-year-old Bríane learns that her family are to be executed for crimes of witchcraft. Only one thing can prove their innocence; a magical book lost in a place between worlds called The Forest of Doors. Can she locate the book in time to save her family from their terrible fate? Or will she fall victim its dark and dangerous puzzle of doors and rooms?

2/. The Talliston Grimoire: The Magical Guidebook To Britain’s Most Extraordinary Home

This is the non-fiction guide to Talliston; how it was built; why it was built; amazing photography from the rooms and gardens; sections on lifestyle, interior design, creative and magical thinking; plus a complete cookery section of recipes from each of the rooms.

This book is being built around a complete online course – the content of which forms the basis for the Fellowship, so if you want to see step-by-step how we built each room, or follow the video cookery lessons, join the fellowship and get access to all that great content.



Thanks for your support so far, and hope you’ll continue to join us on these new and exciting adventures!




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