Tales of Britain

By Jem Roberts

The finest, funniest stories of England, Scotland & Wales, refreshed for the 21st century. By Brother Bernard, as told to Jem Roberts.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Stranger In A Strange Land

Happy Folklore Thursday, folktale-lovers!

When we saw that this week's theme was 'strangers in strange lands', we blush to admit that we toyed with the idea of returning to the lore of The Isle of Man, a la The Fast Show – but that's a hoary old cliché for which we apologise unreservedly. Besides, we covered our Manx tale THE BUGGANE OF ST TRINIANS less than a year ago. 

And so, what could be more perfect than the attached video? Here is a very strange man, in a thankfully extremely strange land. Job done.

PS In Ludlow a fortnight on Saturday? See you there!

PPS In Edinburgh last Saturday in August? Come and hear some stories by the Scott Monument at 4pm! 

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