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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Howay The River Wear

Had yer gobs, Folklore Thursday lovers, and we'll tell ye all about the River Wear. It's long and it's wet.

But also, of course, it was the site of the death of THE LAMBTON WORM, somewhere in the Fatfield region now overlooked by the Penshaw Monument. It was only due to the rushing temes of the Wear that rock-hard young John Lambton could hack the foul endangered species to death without all its bits reattaching mid-scrap, so all those slimy chunks of fat dragon were washed away into the North Sea...

(C) Andrew Jenkin

Since last blogging about this ancient tale HERE, however, Brother Bernard has actually managed to explore the valley of the Worm in person, on a scorchingly hot day en route sou'west from our Edinburgh show this August. We tweeted about it and everything. 

You have to pick your dragon slaying legends carefully, as Britain is so overflowing with identikit tales of a similar vein, but the curse of the Lambtons has earned it a crucial place in our national lore, and given the grimy River Wear a whole new heritage of horror, and mystery. You can even forgive that the myth inspired The Lair Of The White Worm...

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