Tales of Britain

By Jem Roberts

The finest, funniest stories of England, Scotland & Wales, refreshed for the 21st century. By Brother Bernard, as told to Jem Roberts.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

BBC Bristol Interview

It's a little early for Folklore Thursday, but here's an interim update, with edited highlights of author Jem Roberts' folktale chat with BBC Bristol's Doctor of the Airwaves, Dr Phil Hammond, back in July.

It was huge fun to chat with Phil all about this, though it's worth adding – a few folk have become exercised about the assertion that 'there is no British story collection', and it's true that since this interview, a new collection of 'Ballads' has been released, and the Folio Society collection has come down in price, plus there are endless regional collections, local books for local people. BUT the fact remains, as anyone who's following our project will know, that there's nothing remotely like TALES OF BRITAIN out there, and it's so necessary. Folktales need to be retold for new generations, with positive messages for 21st century story-lovers – and placing them on a roadmap with tourist guides to every story location is still the cherry on top. We wish that when we were little, we could have had a book where we could not only enjoy a story, but then visit the real place where it happened! We still need your help to allow everyone to enjoy this new way of exploring the country.

We've gained over 200 backers since this chat, with beloved figures like Tony Robinson, Cerys Matthews, Neil Innes, Francis Pryor and more joining the campaign. But we need another 400 (or maybe one very rich backer) if you're going to have the pleasure of holding this story treasury in your hands any time soon.

And, now all 77 tales are finished, and we're forming them into a manuscript, we can confirm that sharing these stories really will be a pleasure. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cheer... but first, you'll pledge, or convince friends and family to pledge, and we can sail towards that 100% pinnacle...!

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