By Simon Napier-Bell

A one-volume insider history of the whole damn music business

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Sour Mouth, Sweet Bottom


Your name is printed in the back of my last book, Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay, and I’d love to see it printed in the back of my new one, Sour Mouth, Sweet Bottom. At the end of this month, the supporter list for the book will close, which means you need to pre-order a copy before midnight on Sunday 1 May to get your name listed in the back.It’s a great book, completely different from Ta-Ra-Ra, which was totally about the music business. This book is more about my personal life, and though that’s mostly been in the music business there’s a lot of things I talk about that I’ve never touched on before.

These tales have been squeezed out of me by that brilliant man John Mitchinson, founder of Unbound Books and a master of extracting stories from people who never intended to tell them. Whether letting him do so was a good idea or not is up to you to judge. For me it’s too late. The book is about to be printed and there’s no going back.

Sour Mouth, Sweet Bottom. Pre-order it in the next two weeks and get your name listed in the back as a “supporter”.


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