Survival Machines

By Ste Sharp

The sequel to the sci-fi novel Darwin's Soldiers – John Greene and the allied army fight to discover how their mutations evolved.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Mission Accomplished!

The first draft of ‘Survival Machines’ is complete!

There’s still a great deal to edit (103,000 words) and a few character names to arrange once we work out who is who, but the story has been finished and it’s been one hell of a ride! I can’t wait for you guys to read it and continue the journey with John and his allies.

Thanks to our recent pledgers who have helped us up to 40% funded! Meanwhile, Darwin’s Soldiers recently leapt up the charts in the Sci-fi section as new readers discover The Origin Trilogy.

Let’s keep the momentum up! Please write a review of Darwin’s Soldiers on Amazon or Good Reads, lend your book to a friend and spread the word about Survival Machines!


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