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Survival Machines

By Ste Sharp

The sequel to the sci-fi novel Darwin's Soldiers – John Greene and the allied army fight to discover how their mutations evolved.

Sci-fi & Fantasy
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Publication date: June 2021

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In Survival Machines, book two of The Origin Trilogy, John and the army of survivors continue the search they started in Darwin’s Soldiers. Who brought them to this bizarre world and for what purpose?

Discoveries are made and battle fought as the allied army are drawn into a world populated by alien armies who have survived the same tests as them. Factions fight to get to the core: a prized location which offers them the answers they are all searching for.

But a new threat rises, in the hyper-evolved Tathon, who threaten to tear the new world apart. The very survival of all species is at risk as John desperately tries to get the factions to work as one and defend the core.

Will their adaptations be strong enough against their new foe? And will anyone survive?


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  • Ste Sharp avatar

    Ste Sharp

    Ste Sharp was born in the hottest summer on record. The sun-god was happy and, by rights, Ste should have been sacrificed on the nearest beach, but he escaped. Twenty years later, with a degree in Ecology under one arm and a guitar under the other, Ste travelled the globe in search of tall tales and the perfect chord progression.

    After sailing the seas with 16th century pirates, exploring the Brazilian jungle, living through the centuries as an immortal body-swapping alien and spending time with the ghosts of early Britons, Ste wrote Darwin’s Soldiers – his fifth novel.

    With two young sons, Ste has roughly four minutes of spare time each day, during which he paints, writes and plays loud guitar in an indie band. Ste needs more hands.

  • John concentrated on the left-hand screen and rubbed his forehead as the buttons he pressed refused to work in the same way they had done five minutes ago. He was desperate for answers but couldn’t make sense of the diagrams and numbers on the screen in front of him. Delta-Six had been able to read it and had pressed the buttons on the desk to change the symbols on the screen but he’d disappeared to search for more information.

    ‘We haven’t got long until the new soldiers are ready,’ Osayimwese hissed.

    ‘I know!’ Crossley replied before John could. ‘I’m still searching… Delta-Six said telomere latency, right?’

    ‘Yeah,’ John replied, vaguely remembering the conversation and Osayimwese nodded.

    They had found records for other species brought in but they needed to find details on humans, Lutamek or Sorean, and transfer everything to the thin sliver of metal Ten-ten had given them. Just thinking about it gave John a headache, his reading had never been great and after he left school he hadn’t had much need for it delivering veg or defending his trench.

    ‘It would be quicker if Delta-Six was here,’ Osayimwese said.

    ‘Sure it would,’ Crossley replied, ‘but he’s off on another of his missions, so…’

    John looked around the curved room for any tell-tale shadows. Rar-kin, the Sorean, was outside, tending the young Lutamek who had brought them up using the helium-filled sac on its back, so any shadow would belong to Delta-Six or one of the robotic Synchronisers who ran the building.

    John stared through the rectangular window above the computer screen at the locked in ship. He was still amazed by the thought that he and his friends had gone through the same process these squid-like creatures had endured when woken from stasis. They were still being processed by the look of things, which bought them more time. 

    ‘Ah, what’s this?’ Crossley said and John leaned over to see a list of names, which he guessed he could read thanks to the translator fungus in his brain.

    ‘Looks like us,’ John said with a smile and tried to find his name.

    ‘Just save it to that… piece of metal,’ Osayimwese said.

  • 3rd September 2021 Radio Star

    Wow. What a month! I’ve connected with one of the best bookshops in the country (Dial Lane Books in Ipswich) and had a live interview on BBC Radio! As for the title… I’m not saying I’m a radio star, I just can’t get the ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ song out of my head and now you can’t either! :)  

    If you want to hear about how I was inspired to start writing, some of the writing processes I work…

    29th July 2021 It's oh so quiet...

    Seven weeks since Survival Machines was released and… it’s all very quiet.

    I haven’t been told why, but hundreds of copies of Survival Machines remain stuck in the warehouse. None have been sent out to distributors (for independent bookshops) or even to the mighty ‘Zon. Meanwhile, I sit on the dock of the bay watching countless other Unbound books launching with great fanfare, reviews and blog…

    2nd July 2021 Cup of tea?

    I’m just tiptoeing into the room to see if you need a cup of tea and a biscuit? I don’t want to disturb your reading! :)

    I’d like to say it’s been a crazy couple of weeks since Survival Machines hit the shelves, but it’s been really quiet due to Covid and the resulting delay in getting the paperbacks out into the real world. But fear not! All the resulting wound-up energy is about to release itself…

    10th June 2021 Survival Machines is PUBLISHED TODAY!

    Woo-hoo! Publication Day! Team Darwin, go tell the world you made this book happen!

    What an amazing day, after all the delays and restrictions, Survival Machines is officially released into the wild, for readers all over the planet to enjoy. Thank you one and all for your support and generosity!

    You should have received the e-book by email and your paperback(s) will be arriving very soon with…

    2nd June 2021 Ladies and Gentlemen, now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

    Yes, that’s a Pulp Fiction quote… but this isn’t the world famous Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest, oh no, it’s the messed up world of Darwin’s Soldiers and the sequel, Survival Machines, is nearly here!

    We’re just over a week away from the release on Thursday June 10th… no signs of the paperback at Sharp Towers yet but I’m hoping to get a copy before pub day this time! You should receive yours…

    16th April 2021 So close!

    Less than two months until Survival Machines is released and it feels like I can almost touch it!

    The final full draft has been signed off along with the cover and if you angle your ear correctly to the breeze you should be able to hear distant printers humming away, using up the last valuable rations of the UK’s blue ink for the cover.

    Excitingly, Survival Machines is now on Amazon, ready for…

    19th March 2021 Stay on target

    Like young Luke - who was ecstatic to leave his desert planet, make new friends and discover new skills, only to discover he had to single-handedly destroy a metal moon - we have found ourselves facing our own evil empire this past year. An enemy which has delayed a great many things, including the publication of many books. But, like an energized antibody zooming in to attack a Coronavirus Death…

    14th January 2021 Cover Reveal

    Happy New Year Team Darwin!

    It’s been a long wait, but I can now reveal the Survival Machines cover!

    I think it looks awesome! As you may guess given the similarities with the Darwin’s Soldiers cover, it was designed by same artist - the brilliant Mark Ecob. A couple of Lutamek have been added and a number of human soldiers didn’t make the front cover… the casualties of war!

    Even a global…

    24th July 2020 It was twenty-five years ago today

    Okay, maybe not the classic line from Sergeant Pepper’s but that’ll get the song in your head!

    Chapter One of The Penguin Killer opens twenty-five years ago – on Tuesday 25th July 1995. It’s strange to think how much has happened in the swift quarter of a century since then and how good the music of that era still sounds!

    I’ve been immersing myself in the Britpop sound whilst writing the sequel…

    2nd July 2020 Looking to the future

    Over the summer I’ll be writing some short stories from The Origin Trilogy universe, along with some shorts linked to my new book The Penguin Killer. I’ll send them out by email, so if you want to join in, just visit this link and add your email address:

    Survival Machines is safely running through the well-oiled wheels and cogs of Unbound…

    19th June 2020 New Books

    I hope you are all well and keeping safe?

    I had some time in real isolation recently – quarantined from my family in my own home - and it reminded me of crossing the Atlantic a few years ago, on a cruise ship to Greenland, only this time without the showgirls, cocktails and dolphins. Maybe it was more like a one way trip to Mars? I feel like I’ve had the training now, Mr Musk, sign me up!


    17th January 2019 Survival Machines

    Thank you all for supporting ‘Survival’ – we’re nearly a quarter of the way to being funded!

    I’m cracking on with writing the book (the second in ‘The Origin Trilogy’) and having a great time expanding on John’s adventures, bringing in new characters and killing off some old ones! While the story has progressed and my research has delved deeper, I’ve been thinking about the book title and I’d love…

    7th December 2018 Brand New Excerpt

    Thank you everyone for your support! I hope you all enjoyed reading Darwin’s Soldiers and are as keen to me to know what happens next? (Don’t worry - I’ve got a pretty good idea of what lies ahead for those guys)

    Survival is over 20% funded already and I’ve been writing away, building the new world John and his allies discover at the end of Darwin’s Soldiers. I’ve brought in new characters, some…

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