Supernova Hangover

By Emma Jones

Supernova Hangover is a fast, funny story of nineties’ hedonism. A time when you could eat yourself sick on ambition – if you were up for adventure and had the bottle to see it through

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Twenty Years Ago...

..Tony Blair had just been elected PM, lifting Labour from obscurity back into power. Certainly, I remember the excitement and optimism of that after all those years of grey. Supernova Hangover celebrates the better times of the Nineties, and attempts to spread them out just a little bit longer. I like to think of the story as a great night out, where someone else gets to deal with the consequences - and the hangover. Its contents may be reckless, but it's a clean-living thing having a read, right? And, from where I'm standing, it's looking like a healthy dose of escapism might be just the tonic for the foreseeable future.

So, thanks to all you kind supporters, who have helped push Toots' adventures past the 50 per cent mark. It's beginning to feel very real now.

It was lovely to meet other authors, and the fabulous audience members, who came to Waterstones, Gower Street, last week to hear us all talk about our books. Crippling nerves aside, once I'd sunk a few glasses of wine, it was actually loads of fun! Especially hearing what people thought about the idea behind Supernova.

Thanks to the lovely people at Unbound for organising. Not forgetting the Waterstones crew, too!

If you can spread the word about the book, my gratitude is all yours. X







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