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Supernova Hangover is a fast, funny story of nineties’ hedonism. A time when you could eat yourself sick on ambition – if you were up for adventure and had the bottle to see it through

A modern icon’s funeral draws the world’s elite to one stage. Film stars and musicians stand shoulder-to-shoulder with statesmen and intellectuals. An event marked as much by a man’s status as his death.

Amongst the famous faces, a young boy and his mother go unnoticed as they watch proceedings from a distance. For the woman, the occasion brings back memories of the man she knew. The unique glimpse into an unknown world that he gave her. The secrets they shared.

Ambition and desire drive Toots Silver, a young newspaper journalist, on a mission in search of all that London has to offer. On the train down from Manchester, for a job interview that could seal her fate, she meets Rachel. A girl with a shared mission to land her dream job and enjoy life to the full. They recognise the same spark in each other and begin the journey together.

Toots is given a lucky break by a viperous media boss who sees something lucrative in her. She strikes a deal with him. She must blaze a trail in a new magazine market. In return, he will deliver her the career she’s come in search of. The stakes are high - a transaction with indefinable boundaries and possibilities.

She is thrust into the heart of London’s most glamorous publishers. A cutting edge brand, with an explosive mixture of tabloid excess and high-end style. Buoyed-up by an exciting moment in cultural history, London is the epicentre of a phenomenon. Fame is the new religion. Cool Britannia and the Blair boom. McQueen reigns supreme at Givenchy. Brit Pop sets the soundtrack. Damien Hirst and the Young British Artists paint a loud, visionary backdrop. It’s the generation of hope. Fueled by a never-ending supply of low cost credit and cheap cocaine.

By night, Toots and Rachel immerse themselves in the dark, exciting underbelly of the city’s nightlife. Toots parties hard. By day, she works hard. Sometimes blurring the boundaries between the two. Her boss plans to put Toots at the helm of a relaunched mainstream magazine. The plan is to take the title into more subversive territory and make it Britain’s smartest celebrity bible.

But when one assignment lands on her desk, Toots finds herself immersed in a story that takes her to the apex of the showbusiness aristocracy. To meet a man whose A-list brand of seduction and extravagant lifestyle is highly addictive. From the sun-kissed beach parties of Cannes, to the dark hedonism of the New York elite. Then she is told a secret that opens her eyes to the shadowy forces at work behind the celebrity dream - and the part she plays in it as a hungry journalist.

The story takes her to New York to unearth the final piece of the jigsaw of what could be the greatest showbiz story of all time. A story that will rock the world of celebrity to its core, from the present, back to the parallel universe of the golden age of rock n’ roll in the Sixties when it began.

But as her investigation unfolds, a dramatic turn of events overtakes her. Toots is shaken into a new consciousness. One that makes her question the warped desires of her generation. One that will change her life forever. Can anyone save her from herself?

Emma Jones is a former editor of Smash Hits magazine. As a news and showbusiness reporter, she worked for the Sunday Mirror, Mail on Sunday and the Sun. Emma became the youngest ever Fleet Street columnist whilst at the Sun. Television work includes live presenting for Channel Four and ITV. Emma’s Radio contributions range from Woman’s Hour to the Today programme. Her career has seen her interview stars including Britney Spears, George Clooney, the Rollings Stones, and Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor. Her writing also appears regularly in the New European newspaper and on Byline. She has four children and lives in London.

Supernova Hangover is her first novel

‘What do you believe in, Toots?’

The question was a gift, the one I’d practiced all my life.

‘I believe in everything.’

‘Shirley MacLaine,’ Roddy smiled.

‘Yes, she’s an icon isn’t she? Sharp, beautiful, witty,’ I replied.

Up until now, every job interview I’d ever had had been the same: a grey, airless room, two spindly chairs, and a desk in between the boss and me. This was different. Delivering his first question, Roddy’s artful technique had already gleaned more about me than all the rest. Maybe it’s the location: there’s a mixture of intrigue and romance in the air, the beautiful decor is designed for furtive conversations not formality.

‘Have you seen that film from the sixties, The Apartment? She has that magic, lights up the screen. She’s a girl’s girl. My kind of star.’

‘It appears, Miss Silver, like you’re my kind of girl too.’ Roddy winked provocatively, clearly not caring how conspicuously slick he sounded.

That answer was one qualification that got me the job. Done deal.



Friday, 16 March 2018

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Hello out there! Spring at last, even a little warm-ish sunshine but better... the book is nearly ready to pop! 

Which I realised may be slightly more exciting to me, with something tangible to pore over than your lovely selves. So in anticipation of the real thing I thought you might like a little sneak peak of the cover as it comes together.

Have a great weekend. Have super hangovers.


Without slogan good can things happen...

Sunday, 7 May 2017

...I am the first to admit I'm no natural when it comes to banging out a message. So it's been humbling to see SUPERNOVA HANGOVER crept up to the 57 per cent mark this week. Thank you all for the thought, the time, the effort and the generosity in helping get this far.... 

Twenty Years Ago...

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

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..Tony Blair had just been elected PM, lifting Labour from obscurity back into power. Certainly, I remember the excitement and optimism of that after all those years of grey. Supernova Hangover celebrates the better times of the Nineties, and attempts to spread them out just a little bit longer. I like to think of the story as a great night out, where someone else gets to deal with the consequences…

Thanks for the support - the nineties were better

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Hello there lovely people! Just a quick message to say thanks to all of you who have been kind enough to support my book so far. As you know, book people would quite often happily retreat into a hole rather than shouting about their work.  There is always a part of us that is nervous about revealing too much from the realms inside, even though we are weirdly compelled to write about it but having…

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