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A kick ass manifesto for doing the work that matters to you

For many years professionals have stumbled from one job or one career to another unsure about why they are doing what they are doing, and feeling stuck about what success really looks like for them. Frustrated by the lack of proper guidance around the work that matters to them or hindered by the cost of a good coach who can get them to have clarity they are desperate for some practical guidance.

In Success on Your Terms, we explore how we can tackle that problem by taking you, the reader through a four part process to be more confident about finding and doing the work that matters to you.

From the get go, this book is not focused on the typical mantras of “doing the work you love”, “follow your passion” and other trite statements that don’t mean much to most people working. Rather we get to the heart of three key areas

1) How do we prepare you for success?
A step by step process to get you exploring those things that truly define successful working for you

2) Positioning for success
Whether you are new to the work force, looking for promotion or currently looking to develop your existing work, how do you ensure that you are ready for the next level

3) Networking for Success
Creating a plan to attract those people who you will need in your tribe to both share your vision and keep you accountable

Having identified these three key areas, we wrap it up in our final section

4) Success on Your Terms
This is where the rubber meets the road and we pull all the previous elements together and work on your success action plan.

That’s it. A manifesto. Actually, it’s more than that, it’s a conversation that kicks your arse into gear, ensuring that you don’t just talk about success, but you actually plan and follow a roadmap to ensure it happens. This isn’t about success on my terms, it’s all about success on yours.

I am David McQueen. My work has taken me all around the world speaking to audiences in business, government and the third sector, twice on a TEDx stage, interviewing Sir Richard Branson, presenting an online show for Virgin Media and co hosting a TV show in the UK for Channel 4.

I have provided performance coaching for executives and professionals who want to up their game in their career or as effective communicators.

I am passionate about speaking to young people about possibilities and how they need to learn the rules of the game for personal and professional success.

Having spoken to many audiences about success and effective communication, I felt now was the right time to stop hiding behind short blog pieces and articles, or pithy social media statuses and write my first book.

What does success actually mean?

It never ceases to amaze me.
I speak to adult audiences in businesses, local government and at conferences.
I speak to teachers and educators around the world.
I speak to thousands of teenage students and I ask the same question every time.

“How many people in this room want to be successful. Raise your hands?”

By and large the whole room puts their hands up in the air.

“OK, by the same action, how many in the room are already successful?”

What do you think happens?
Most people keep their hand up right?

Regardless of the audience most people drop their hands.
Even in a room of very successful leaders and executives, the hands drop.

In the UK this can be put down to the British attitude, but the fact that it happens around the world, means it’s not just an exclusive British thing. People just don’t want to admit they are successful, unless they have reached a certain, sometimes unattainable level in their life.

Personally, I think that’s crap and a small minded way of looking at success.
Success is a journey not a destination.

Think about it. From school, you have done things that you would be proud of. Legally, and illegally. Things that pushed you outside of your normal boundaries. Whether winning a contest, acing an exam, leading a team, speaking in public and a host of other things that you have done and do.

If you are working, you probably landed your job based on your experience, your qualifications and attitude, or probably a combination of all three. Heck, even if you have a minimal amount of talent and landed a job through your contacts, the fact is you still have a modicum of success. Even if it is temporary.

Look at your school record.
Look at your CV or resume, or whatever you call it.
Look at your digital profile on Linkedin or Xing or whatever business networking tool you use.

At some point they scream out something that makes you a half decent professional that others wouldn’t mind working with.

The problem is, not enough people see this as success.
To coin a phrase you are so damn busy focusing on the destination you don’t stop to look at the flowers and the beauty around you.

Maybe it’s time to get a grip and refocus on how you see Success.


The Story so Far

Sunday, 11 September 2016

I am so excited by all of you who have supported my book so far. It has given me encouragement that I can do this.

There are a couple of things I do need to figure out or ask the publishers, like the cost of shipping outside of the UK, but generally speaking all else seems to be in working order.

Once again I am so happy for those of you who have pledged and I am pressing on to get the target…

Andreas Dotzler
Andreas Dotzler asked:

Hi David,

thanks for starting this project! We had a session at Wayra in Munich about a year ago.
I was about to pledge for the collectable, but shipping to Germany is 17 Euros, which is about the price of an EasyJet ticket to collect the book in London :) This might be an error by Unbound, as shipping books usually is extremely cheap. Maybe you can fix this. Otherwise I will just go for the digital version.

Best Andreas Dotzler (

David ♕McQueen
David ♕McQueen replied:

Oh my goodness. I didn't realise it cost that much!!!
Will check out why this. Thanks for supporting anyway

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