Stubble and Steel on Mountains High

By Antony Blake

A detailed guide to the reality of cycling Europe's greatest 50 mountains

Monday, 1 June 2020

Things are moving

Hi Supporters. 

Quick update on the book. Unlike many crowd funded books that have not even been started, I have been busy completing the work including photos and following up with Pro's on their quotes. The last few chapters are now written and I have been editing photos recently and finding new ways to promote. 

I will be honest social media is not the best platform, and mobile phones make it easy for people to consume content, but sending people to the unbound platform where they need to register and login to pledge causes delays and in many cases is a few steps backward. Everyone wants an app for easy access, and so repeat reminders are essentail but also an annoyance to people I know.

That said, I am now going to provide a lot more updates on progress and images as I think this is a great time for people to start planning and hopefully move the forward.

So to kick off here is a blog with one of the Chapters in a raw like format, but the story is complete and is definetely a great moment in Sean Yates life which he shared with me. 

He held Sean Kelly by 1 sec one second, on the descent. Having real experience of the tarmac, I can only imagine what happened on those slopes. 

Enjoy the read :

Speak soon. 

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