Stranger In My Heart

By Mary Monro

Retracing her father’s heroic escape across China in World War Two leads his daughter on a gripping voyage of discovery about him, China and, inevitably, herself.

Monday, 4 June 2018


Well I finally have the book in my hot little hand! You will receive your copy very shortly but I'm afraid I can't tell you exactly when. Book marketing these days is very review driven, so please, please, please review Stranger In My Heart on Amazon and Goodreads, as soon as poss - the first 4 weeks after launch is the crucial time for the mighty Amazon promotional machine to activate. You have to have spent £40 on to be allowed to review, but you don't have to have purchased the book from there. Just search title and author to find my book and then scroll down till you see a button that says 'write a customer review'. Apart from wanting to be a best selling author(!) I want to maximise the donation to the Riding for the Disabled Association.

The blog tour was a great success and you can read all the reviews here. I have some press PR lined up for Bath, Shropshire and China, and I will be speaking at The Bristol Lit Fest in October and the Shrewsbury Lit Fest in November. I am doing various other talks locally, including for Bath University's Foreign Languages Centre.

You can keep up with all my book related activities at my blog and you can follow me on Twitter.

Looking forward to seeing you at the launch party on Saturday 9th in Bath! If you need any further details, please email me


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