Stim: An Autism Anthology

By Lizzie Huxley-Jones

A collection of stories, essays and art from autistic authors and artists.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Introducing.... Tjallien de Witte

Hello all,

Each week, I will be introducing you all to a contributor to Stim (though we have taken a hiatus for September as I'm moving house, which is a very big task in of itself). When we're back in October, you can tune in on Saturday evenings on Twitter on the #StimBook hashtag around 6pm where each person will talk a little about themselves and answer any Qs you have. Follow my Twitter for updates of when the next talks are! Else you can pop over here to read all about it in condensed form once it is sent to your inbox. 

This week I have the pleasure of introducing you to Tjallien de Witte. Tjallien is a fine artist who loves to draw. Her favorite tools include pen, ink and graphite. Her work is inspired by nature. With fluids and dynamic systems in motion in particular. Besides the artistic side art is also a tool to deal with everyday life on the autism spectrum and a way to calm down with the repetitive nature of her drawings. She is most active on Instagram with the name @brimstodial where she shares the process of her artworks. 

"My drawings have a repetitive nature to them. This style developed during a difficult time of increased anxiety after graduation-this new phase of life causing me to shut down. I found a way to process my thoughts, sensory information and overload through my drawings.

In my artwork I focus on movement, shape and form. The forces and movement in nature are a special interest of mine. I play with volume and fluids made out of thin lines and lots of them. Mostly I work in grey tones,confronting the chaos of my mind with a form of order.

Along with the artistic side drawing has also become my coping tool. These two aspects are mashed up together in my current artwork. Through my work I have learned to accept the effect sensory overload has and how often it occurs. . .

It was this acceptance that brought me to take the leap and pitch for #stimbook And thus here we are. I'm looking forward to make a brand new artwork."

I am absolutely captivated by the intricacy of Tjallien's artwork, and hope you will be too. 

We are still ticking along nicely. The secret group of Unbound authors agree that the 40-60% portion is the hardest bit, but we're making good progress with a steady stream of pledges still coming every week, and lots of wonderful people on Twitter shouting about it. We are a few pledges off 48% -- I keep reminding people it is my birthday month so a very good time to pledge!

It's a little quiet on my side for Stim this month as I am moving house and laying out On Bodies, the second book from 3 of Cups Press, the indie press I work for. I will be back on top annoyingly perky form from October, so expect more emails then.

Until then, I'd like to draw your attention to another autistic Unbound project. In Other Words is a book of short stories written by autistic people during a writing workshop that happened in the last few years. I have already pledged for my copy, and I'm absolutely positive that you would be interested in this book too, so consider popping over to pick up your copy.

Talk to you again soon!




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