Stim: An Autism Anthology

By Lizzie Huxley-Jones

A collection of stories, essays and art from autistic authors and artists.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Announcements this Saturday!

Hello all,

I hope this update finds you all well and, if you're in the UK, keeping yourself cool in this heatwave. It has been exceptionally quiet on my front due to a massive health wobble this last month, which has finally sorted itself out, phew. Hopefully I won't be leaving you so long again.

So! Exciting things are coming. Remember last update I discussed curating an anthology? Well, I've finished doing that and it's now time to announce the ten new authors and artists who will be joining Stim. It was an incredibly difficult decision, as I had so many high quality pitches that complimented each other well, but I'm pleased to say we have some more essays, short fiction, illustrations and visual essays coming your way in the second half.

I will be announcing them all this Saturday at 12.30pm on Twitter, where I am @littlehux which, I suppose you all know already as that's probably how you got here in the first place. I will post an update introducing them to you all as quickly as I can after the Twitter announcement.

From then on, every week one contributor will be tweeting a short thread about their work every Saturday night from 6pm using the #StimBook hashtag. If you aren't on Twitter, do not fear, because I'll be nipping back over here to post an update summarising their tweets so you can get to know each of them a little better. They're all lovely people.

That's about it from me right now. Like I said last time, crowdfunding in the sun is a tricky business but I'm hoping the excitement with new voices will help us get closer to 100%. 

In the meantime, as always, if you could send the pledge page to just one person and tell them why you think they'll like this book and should pledge for it, that would be a huge help. Just think, if all 275 of you did that, we could potentially have another 275 backers just from your nice messages. If they pledged similar amounts, we'd be at 70% easily. Word of mouth is how books get funded, and I need your help to make sure this incredibly important book is a reality.

And as ever, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below or tweet me and I'll do my best to get back to you quickly.

All the best,


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