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Monday, 23 April 2018

Hello all! 

I hope you've been enjoying the sunshine we've been having in the UK this week (alternatively, I hope you've had good weather wherever you are).

I've been a little quiet here as I've been sorting out things over at the publisher I co-run 3 of Cups Press, as we were crowdfunding for a book over there as well at the same time! Despite that, I've been doing quite a lot of Stim bits…

A lot can happen in seven days

Friday, 23 March 2018

If you'd told me pre launch that we'd be comfortably sitting at 22% with 140 backers after one week, I wouldn't have believed you. Crowdfunding is a difficult game, influenced by paydays, your audience, even the day of the week you launch, and having ran two Kickstarters for 3 of Cups Press before hand I knew the best thing was to expect nothing.

I couldn't have expected this. Not just the financial…

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33% funded
235 backers