The Star Witness

By Andy Hamilton

The comedy legend’s first novel charts a TV soap star’s descent into disgrace and his attempts to recover his dignity

Monday, 11 January 2016

Full steam ahead

Many, many thanks to all of you who have been pledging. Sorry I've been a bit quiet, but first we had the Black Hole of Christmas, and then we went to Costa Rica for a couple of weeks to look at birds with extraordinary plumage and ridiculous beaks and try not to tread on any scorpions or beautiful but lethal snakes. 

It's great to have the book fully funded now. Sadly, we've now reached the limit on my dinner party invasions - there's only so much food I can eat. However, there's still the evening of salacious, partially-true gossip, and the launch party, which might include some of the above.

Publication on has been announced for the end of September, and I'm just embarking on a final draft, which is a very exciting feeling. I may possibly cut the slightly problematic chapter with the nun, the hoover and the warthog. Or at least make it more nuanced.

Many thanks once again,


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Ross Smith
 Ross Smith says:

Really looking forward to it! And I'd like to take this opportunity to say how much I love Old Harry's Game. It never stops being funny.

posted 13th January 2016

Dorte Bille Harding
 Dorte Bille Harding says:

Hi Andy,
We've just signed up for your gossip event, sound great. We vote for a Wimbledon pub, any chance of a local?

Looking forward to the evening,
Andrew & Dorte Bille Harding,

posted 28th January 2016

clare davies
 clare davies says:

Scotland is missing you!! Can't imagine me and dog visiting South London any time soon.

posted 24th February 2016

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