Springfield Road

By Salena Godden

A poetic, funny and touching memoir of childhood in the 1970s

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Your invite to The Book Club Boutique and latest news and reviews...

Good Morning to my Unbound comrades,

Thank you so much for all that made it to the Springfield Road almighty booklaunchparty. I posted some party pics from that glorious night on my website here: salenagodden.com  Thank you to Maggie Gee for her generous speech and to Rachael Kerr too! So many old faces and new, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Since the book was launched on October 1st, this past month has flown by with a flurry of radio and gigs and excitement and buzz. Thank you so much for all the tweets and messages, letters of encouragement and telephone calls (remember those?)

You are my patrons and you are the first people to read the book and your reactions mean the world to me. Almost every morning I'm waking up to a messages that you are enjoying the book, that it made you cry, laugh, craugh, that it reminded you of your own childhood, that you recalled things from your child self that you thought you had forgotten, and I think that is magic. That was my intention, but this feeling is like nothing I ever imagined. If I was honest its somewhere between feeling constantly sick, excited and horribly exposed. At the request of Unbound HQ I made an amazon page and so far the book has three wonderful reviews, giving the book top marks and 5 stars. If you have anytime please do add your own review there on Amazon. Please keep tweeting and telling your friends and help me spread the word that Springfield Road is out now, available at all your favourte bookshops and online too.



Latest press and reviews and links:

The Times:  "Her writing is urgent and detailed and, like all love stories, her memoir is intense, intimate…" Iain Finlayson

Loud and Quiet Magazine: "Salena Godden follows up her recent poetry anthology with a lyrical and witty memoir painting a portrait of the artist as a young girl. Springfield Road tells the wide-eyed tale of Godden’s childhood as the daughter of a jazz musician and a go-go dancer set against the lovingly rendered backdrop of 1970s Hastings.  Springfield Road’s prose wavers effortlessly throughout, from tender poignancy to raw, gritty realism and this lovely book serves to remind us that however much the world has changed in the last forty years, in many ways it is still exactly the same." Lee Bullman

Sabotage Reviews: "Salena Godden is a Powerhouse."  Nicole Capo

Write Out Loud "...Salena Godden is an absolute master of knowing your assumptions, playing to them, and then flipping them completely." Laura Taylor

The History Girls:  "My favourite at the moment happens in the 1970s, the poet Salena Godden's memoir, Springfield Road..." Louisa Young

Something Rhymed: literary friendship Maggie Gee and Salena Godden 'The Innocence Under the Armour'

You can keep a track on all latest gigs, poems and progress on my revamped tumblr here

For your ears / BBC Radio links:

BBC R4's Clive Anderson's 'Loose Ends' feat. Salena Godden is available Here

BBC R3 'The Verb' Viv Albertine, Hollie McNish, Salena Godden on Mixcloud

BBC Scotland in conversation with Janice Forsyth in the 'Culture Studio' Here

BBC R4 'The Lost Legacy of Little Miss Cornshucks' itunes podcast here 

And now to the business of party business...



The Book Club Boutique: Burning Eye Party
Remember, Remember the 5th of November
Vout O Reenees. the Crypt of 30 Prescot St E1 8bb 
From 7pm 'til late / £5 on the door

Salena Godden's Book Club Boutique returns with a new residency at Sophie Parkin's fabulous Vout-O-Reenee's. We launch this new series with a bonfire night gathering of Books, Booze and Boogie-Woogie. Featuring firecracker guest readings from some of the super stars of the brilliant Burning Eye Books stable. Hosted by Salena Godden and Michelle Madsen, we'll be hearing from the man himself Clive Birnie and a myriad of wonderful writers and poets including Joelle Taylor, Daniel Cockrill, A F Harrold,  Dan Simpson, Mab Jones, Robert Auton and Alice Furse! With music from The Book Club Boutique DJ Kevin Richards and special surprises and more...

Penny For The Guy competition - Dress as a GUY and win a goody bag!
Dress code: Guido Fawkes / Renegades and Rebels! Please wear your buckles, boots and beards

See you next Wednesday!!


Keep fighting the good fight,






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