Radio: 'Mapping The Metropolis' & 'Connecting Nothing With Something'

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hello there, last week we made something for your ears...

Radio Show 'Mapping The Metropolis' / aired Resonance FM / 17th Sept 2013

Mapping The Metropolis - A live literature show hosted by Kit Caless, editor at indie publishing house Influx Press, whose most recent anthology, ‘Connecting Nothing with Something’ is a collection of stories and poems set on the coasts of Kent and Sussex. This programme was all about Hastings, featuring readings from contributors to the book and lively conversation with Salena Godden, Niven Govinden and Christian Watson. Have a listen on my mixloud here

Kit Carless, Influx Press "I was disappointed to leave, aware that perhaps the ‘drinking town with a fishing problem’ was about to come alive at night and reveal itself to me. The deadbeat transformed into a hedonistic quest for liquored enlightenment – or perhaps I’ve just read too much of Salena’s work. Salena’s fictional Hastings is a seductive place and her writing is so powerful that her version of Hastings is now my version of Hastings.” Read more here

Josh Loeb, Hackney Citizen "Contributors include Salena Godden whose ‘The Beirut of a Hastings Saturday Night’, an excerpt from her book Springfield Road, has a wonderful beat-like quality and is richly poetic – as you’d expect from this punk poet extraordinaire – with lines about “brackish, hard-nut fishermen” and the “murky green gruel” of the sea that the great Dylan Thomas himself (another child of the coast) would have been proud of…" Read more here

Details of how to get hold of this beautiful coastal anthology at 

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