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A poetic, funny and touching memoir of childhood in the 1970s

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

New Blog: Maya Angelou V's Jeremy Paxman



"Keep on, keeping on, keep supporting independent publishers who are working hard towards getting new voices heard and published. The late, great Maya Angelou has left a huge hole, I felt safer knowing she was there, without her the world is suddenly more white bread than ever. May her spirit and influence live on. Keep working hard to narrate the times, to tell the truth about the rise and the fall, about the spread of fear and ignorance, the war on reading and the policing of books in schools and prisons. There are so many poems to be writing this week, poems about those poor Indian girls that were gang raped and lynched or the two-hundred missing school girls. These are ordinary poems, they are about the day to day, the atrocities, the murders and the lies and the greed, and the beauty and the pain and the love. When I woke up this morning I was going to write a poem about Mr Paxman, but I wrote this blog instead, it all feels a bit like licking the fuzzy end of the lollipop."

Salena Godden  / taken from this weeks new blog 'Waiting For Godden' now up here salenagodden.com


Catch me if you can...

Gigs and radio coming up this June:

June 3rd / Hammer & Tongue Tour  / Hysteria / Hackney / London

June 4th / Hammer & Tongue Tour  / Bird Cage / Bristol

June 5th / Hammer & Tongue Tour  / Komedia / Brighton

June 7th / Stoke Newington Literary Festival / Q & A with Linton Kwesi Johnson

June 8th / Garden of Abandon / Chelsea Fringe Festival / London
June 9th / Hammer & Tongue Tour  / Green Note / Camden / London

June 10th / Hammer & Tongue Tour / Old Fire Station / Oxford
June 11th / Hammer & Tongue Tour / The Fountain / Cambridge

BBC broadcast: June 12th / The Verb / BBC Radio 3

BBC broadcast: June 21st / 'The N-Word'  an archive documentary / BBC Radio 4


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