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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

From Ubud to Aldeburgh: The Festival Diaries

"Its 4am and as usual I wake up to write, I have been sleeping on top of a mountain of books, they are piled so high, my nose touches the ceiling. These books are signed and precious, they are limited editions of poetry and fiction and memoir. They have been written by real people I have been meeting and drinking with and so…before I pick up another microphone and say “Good Evening my name is…”  I need to unpack my heavy gig bag and as I do so, what happens, but out pours all these books, characters and memories. So, with the soft rumble of the tumble dryer and the crackle of the logs on the fire, I invite you to sit here with me in my kitchen. I’ll share some snippets from my diary, pour you some tea, invite you to click on the bold names, just to introduce you to a handful of the wonderful people I have had great pleasure meeting on my most recent travels and adventures from Ubud to Aldeburgh...." New blog, read more at www.salenagodden.com


Tune in to Aldeburgh Poetry Festival audio archives here

Tune in to Ubud Writers Festival audio archives here

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Coming up:

December 2nd : Warwick Arts Centre / reading my #MLK50 piece & talk show hosted by Jo Bell
December 3rd:  The House of Lords / reading at The 21st Birthday of the UN International Day for Persons with Disabilities
December 6th - 8th: Edinburgh / the Inky Fingers weekender


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