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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Ding! Dong! December!


Hello to my Unbound comrades,

How are you all?

This is my last 2015 shed blog to share a few links and pics and things before we all disappear into the madness of Decemberry and festivities. My november winter count down has been so busy, I have been writing and recording and also giving talks to teenagers at The Royal Geographical Society and also at The Chipping Norton Secondary School in Great Tew, Oxford too. This past few weeks have sped past and I have had some beautiful travels and times. The Hastings Storytelling Festival was so fantastic, held at these new modern Brighton University lecture halls in Hastings, my town has changed so much. Pictured here above is the moment I met Claire Edwards, my school friend, this photo is what "Hello I haven't seen you for 25 years" feels like... or looks like. 

The Out-Spoken Awards 2015 was a blinding show last week too, starring all the superstar poets and writers of tomorrow and Liverpool legend Brian Patten. Brian and I haven't performed together for over a dozen years and so it was wonderful to see his face, have a beer and hear Brian's poetry again too. Here we are below posing with fellow feature poet Dean Atta. Look out for Out-Spoken events, based in Camden at The Forge, and run by the wonderful writer Anthony Anaxagoru and his crew, it is a stellar event and this is fast becoming another one of my favourite London gigs, here's the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/outspokenldn/

In other news...

#diversedecember was launched this very morning. It is a wonderful campaign to highlight the writing and books of the UK's BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) writers! You can read more about this here from Naomi Frisby and follow the #diversedecember hashtag on social media. https://thewritesofwoman.wordpress.com

Also today one of my comrades and close friends Nikesh Shukla launched his Unbound project 'The Good Immigrant'  a collection of essays by BAME writers: including Musa Okwonga (poet/broadcaster), Chimene Suleyman (poet/columnist), Sabrina Mahfouz (playwright) and Nikesh and myself and loads and loads more...Please go to his NEW Unbound book page to find out about it here: https://unbound.co.uk/books/the-good-immigrant - This project has been live for less than 24 hours and is already over 20% funded!

This weekend I was performing up in Sheffield at the 9th Birthday of Word Life. Pictured below I am asking the audience to "Paint a church ceiling? Paint a church ceiling? I'm not talking magnolia...Sisteen Chapel...just gotta... get those two fingers to meet... who can be bovvred? I mean can you be bovvered..." I love performing this anti-apathy rant poem, it was written over a decade ago but still resonates true today. There was an interview published in Opus Independents 'Now Then Magazine' here: http://opusindependents.com

Last but not least, yesterday I had an essay published in Woventale Press: 

'Poetry: Not For The Fame Hungry'  http://thewoventalepress.net

And coming up this month, I'm a guest on Book Shambles hosted by Robin Ince and Josie Long: http://cosmicgenome.com

Here's my December 2015 gigs and parties:

December 2nd  - The Society Club, Brick Lane, London

December 13th - Betsey Trotwood All-Dayer, Farringdon, London

December 14th - Christmas BlahBlahBlah! Bristol Old Vic, Bristol

December 19th - Scroogenomics, Rich Mix London

December 22nd - Click Radio, BBC World Service, BBC Radio Theatre, London


I have written about the Paris attacks and Syria - I've posted my plea for peace, the writing lives at Waiting For Godden: www.salenagodden.com & audio https://soundcloud.com/salena-godden

With love and thanks to all my Unbound friends

Warmest seasons greetings to you all, 

Salena Godden



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